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Mustapha Gwary: Home of peace without peace


Mustapha Gwary: Home of peace without peace

by Mustapha Gwary

What is wrong is wrong, no matter how well you adorn it. Violence is like a wildfire, there is no guarantee it will stop or end where it started. If today you feel or believe what is happening in Borno doesn’t affect you, just because you are not from Borno or because you do not have family or friends there, then I implore you to think again.

When a man does a good deed in the name of his religion, we rarely give credit to his religion, we mostly give credit to the man. But when a man does something bad in the name of his religion, we mostly rush into blaming/condemning his religion, even if it was not his religion that ordered him to do so. Islam is not a cult or a top secret organisation. Any man who wishes to learn/know about Islam can easily get access to the various books on the teachings of Islam.

Is the world really coming to an end? Seems like it in a way. The signs are too glaring. Home of peace now without peace. Hearts of residents filled with fear of terror. Their eyes bleeding with tears of sorrow. Caught up in the middle of a war they never asked for. Daily, figures of casualties are dished out. 25 people were killed in Baga. No, it was 185. 200 people were slaughtered in Benisheik. No it was 130. 49 people were murdered in Bama and thousands were displaced. No, it was 90 that were murdered and hundreds displaced. 25 girls were abducted from their school. 20 boys were slaughtered in their school. We only get numbers, their names are unknown; they’ve been turned into statistics. If we are not debating the figures, we are busy debating whether majority of the victims are Christians or Muslims. Where is our humanity? Why are we trying so hard to tell ourselves that some of the victims are more human than the others? For the love of GOD, they are all human.

For some of us, we can only pray the madness comes to an end soonest. While some of us have the ability/means to create awareness which in turn will put pressure on the Government to do more and better, so as to bring an end to the war. In a nutshell, we should all do what we can to ensure this madness ends. If we remain silent or nonchalant today about what is happening in Borno just because it does not affect us directly, we might wake up one morning to be the victims of such madness and there might be no one to speak for us.

May our silence never haunt us. May we never encounter calamity. May peace return to the Home of Peace, Nigeria and the world at large.

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