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#Ekiti2014: “Your ambition is a drunken dream taken too far”: Gov. Fayemi tells former minister Olubolade

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#Ekiti2014: “Your ambition is a drunken dream taken too far”: Gov. Fayemi tells former minister Olubolade

by Segun Odeleye

It’s politics season in Osun and Ekiti states, and the various campaign organisations of the candidates in different parties are already taking on each other through speeches of the candidates, press releases from their campaign organisations and surrogates.

The incumbent, Governor Kayode Fayemi (APC), has described the ambition of Navy Captain Caleb Olubolade (PDP) as unrealistic. Olubolade who recently resigned as police affairs minister boasted last week while submitting his Expression of Interest Form at the PDP secretariat, that he will defeat Gov. Fayemi in the June 21 elections.

But spokesperson for the Kayode Fayemi Campaign organisation, Mr Dimeji Daniels, described Olubolade’s governorship ambition as “a drunken dream taken too far.” Olubolade was urged to “wake up from his reverie and face the reality staring him in the face as regards the June 21 gubernatorial election.”

The governor’s team wondered how it could be possible for Olubolade, who “cannot efficiently manage a ministry to want to govern a sophisticated state like Ekiti? When Olubolade says he is better equipped to be the governor of Ekiti, we must ask him: better equipped as what? Better equipped to replicate the rot that existed in police colleges under him in Ekiti or better equipped to replicate a fraud of the magnitude of the police pension scam in Ekiti?”

Highlighting Fayemi’s achievements, which he said would be the reason for his re-election to continue to do more, Daniels said: “Ekiti people do not want to have anything to do with President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda which Olubolade promised to domesticate in Ekiti.

“It is laughable for Olubolade to say he would domesticate the so-called transformation agenda of the Jonathan Presidency in Ekiti. It simply means the domestication of pension scam, Oduah-gate, kerosene subsidy fraud, petroleum subsidy fraud, Oteh-gate and many more of the episodic corruption with which the Jonathan Presidency is dogged.”

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