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Pres. Jonathan didn’t fire her when he should have; now Stella Oduah is bragging again

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Pres. Jonathan didn’t fire her when he should have; now Stella Oduah is bragging again

By Dare Lawal

If Pres. Goodluck Jonathan had fired former aviation minister, Stella Oduah, when it became clear that she had abused her office in the approval of the purchase of bullet proof cars by the NCAA, she would have been a bit more sober. But as things went, Pres. Jonathan let her go through the backdoor of resignation and so with an air of one who has no case to answer, Oduah addressed a gathering of stakeholders in the aviation industry, including civil servants and pilots, and gave herself a clean bill of health.

At the event which held at the Protea Hotel in Abuja, Oduah said that “what we did, we did for our people, and I say Nigerian people deserve what we have done and I believe that anyone who is coming next will do far better than what we have done because the structures are there, the roadmap is there, the compass is there.

“They cannot but follow what is already in place. Anything other than that will be disservice to Nigerian people, and aviation is pivotal to our growth. Therefore, the next coming person, I believe with your support will do the needful. Most people don’t understand what the needful means…“

Oduah said she was pleased that when she started,  she did not play to the gallery.

“We did not prioritise the media because it was not about them; it was about Nigerian people; it was about doing the right thing. And without being immodest, I think we did the right thing, I think we have done our beat and we pray that the next people will do their beats. And if all of us continue doing our beats, Nigeria will become transformed,” she said.

The former minister thanked President Jonathan. Using the phrase which she became notorious for in the twilight of her tenure, she said she was sure that with the support of the stakeholders, her successor would “do the needful.”

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