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Bomb blasts in Abuja from 2010 to date: The 6 other times it has happened

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Bomb blasts in Abuja from 2010 to date: The 6 other times it has happened

by Dare Lawal

Terrorism and bomb blasts are not very frequent occurrences in the nation’s capital, Abuja. Yesterday’s blast took many Nigerians by shock. However although it is rare, it nonetheless is a reality the residents of Abuja have had to contend with a couple of times. Here’s a timeline of bomb blasts in Abuja.

December 31, 2010:

This was the New Year’s Eve bombing when fun seeking residents getting ready for the Ney Year relaxing, eating and drinking at a bar in a market close to the Mogadishu Military Barracks were hit by a bomb. Soldiers and civilians usually gather to eat at that market. 11 people died in the attack.

August 26, 2011:

The United Nations (UN) Building in Abuja was attacked in a deadly blast which left over 23 people dead and 60 injured according to the official records. The bomb was planted in a car which broke through two security barriers, crashed into the reception area of the building where it was detonated by the suicide bomber.

June 16, 2011:

During the administration of Hafiz Ringim as inspector general of the Police Force, a suicide bomber allegedly followed the convoy of a police deputy inspector general, broke into the Police Force headquarters where he detonated a bomb killing eight persons. The police headquarters, also known as the Louis Edet House, was rocked and officers were in a state of shock. The only reason why the casualty figure was not as high was because the bomb went off in the car park.

December 25, 2011:

Prior to yesterday’s bombing at Nyanya, this blast on Christmas day in 2011 at church in Madalla had the highest casualty figure of all the attacks in Abuja. Over 40 people were killed after a bomb went off during a church service at St. Theresa Catholic Church. Apart from the dead, over 60 people were injured. The Madalla bombing was just one in a series of bombings that Christmas Day in Abuja, Jos, Gadaka and Damaturu.

April 26, 2012:

This blast occured at the THISDAY newspaper office in Abuja and left 37 dead according to Red Cross reports. Twin blasts hit two the newspaper’s offices in Abuja and Kaduna simultaneously. The first blast was the Abuja ThisDay office in Jabi area which was carried out by a suicide bomber who drove into the media house before detonating the bomb that blew away the building’s roof.

June 22, 2012:

The June 22 blast took place at Crystal Lounge, a popular Abuja Nightclub, in the Wuse II District. Thankfully no deaths were recorded in the blast although five cars were destroyed after a man entered a crowded food court, planted the bomb and ran away.

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