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How a 10-year-old boy foiled bomb attack near mosque in Kano


How a 10-year-old boy foiled bomb attack near mosque in Kano

By Paul Osas

But for the alertness of a 10-year-old boy, Kano would have recorded yet another major bombing on Friday following the discovery of explosives laden starlet car parked beside a populated mosque in Sauna Fafunga in Dakata area of Nassarawa LGA, Kano.

The boy was said to have called the attention of the police to the strange car parked with cylinders in it. Reportedly, the divisional police officer (DPO) in Dakata, Sani Ahmed, sought help from Bompai police headquarters who sent anti-bomb squad to help detonate the bombs.

According to the DPO, “If they had succeeded, the whole area would have gone down and the sound alone would have shaken the foundations of Kano. The explosion would have been devastating and many lives would have been lost. Today, being Friday, at a place called Sauna Fafunga in Dakata area, we got information that we should come and see a vehicle that was parked within the vicinity of a Juma’at Mosque. Our anti-bomb team responded promptly. On searching the vehicle, we discovered high caliber IEDs, about 13 in number, which can rein a whole village.

“We asked people to leave the area and when we detonated one of them, it shook the majority of the buildings around the area; and in fact, one of the buildings had a big crack as a result of that. The IEDs had the capacity to pull down all the structures around that area. We also discovered ammunition. Their intention was to stay around and shoot people who could escape the explosion. I am an advocate of community policing; and I appreciate the support we have been receiving from members of the public. We appreciate the people of Kano and we urge them to continue to support us with useful information. We promise never to disclose the. dentity of anyone who bring nformation to us and we also urge residents to remain security conscious at all times.”

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