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Lanre Oguntoyinbo: Ayo Fayose’s Israeli-made victory


Lanre Oguntoyinbo: Ayo Fayose’s Israeli-made victory

by Lanre Oguntoyinbo

In the aftermath of the Ekiti election, a lot has been adduced as reasons why the rather ‘performing’ incumbent Governor of that state, John Kayode Fayemi, lost to the former Governor, Ayodele Fayose, an alleged looter and murderer. It is even said that many of those who are happy with Fayose’s victory at the polls prefer him as their Governor to him being a role model to their children. They would rather want their children to emulate the gentility and educational prowess of the incumbent Governor John Kayode Fayemi. I wonder how that makes any sense. You don’t want him as your child’s role model but you want him to be your Governor? Funny country!

There is more to be said about the Ekiti election. The ‘loser’ conceded defeat; hence some political analysts have called him an honourable man who is rewriting the scripts of Nigeria’s polity. Some others argue that he conceded defeat to allow peace to reign as the results of the election could incite violence, given the militarisation on ground by the by the Presidency before, during and after the election. However, a third group believe he was too quick to make that concession, claiming that Fayemi sold his lunch to the dog because of his gentle nature and that the election was far from being credible though it might look free and fair.

One important point that’s being raised amongst a section of the political class in Ekiti State is that the election was ‘photochromically’ rigged. The political party that sponsored the incumbent Governor, APC (All Progressives Congress) has accused the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) that sponsored the Governor-elect of using a high-tech electoral malpractice system that has never been used in Nigeria, to rig the election.

In the course of my investigations, I realised that there were indeed ‘photochromic’ ballot papers and that these ballot papers were used in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe, with a history of non-performance and a known dictator who almost lost his re-election bid in 2008, enjoyed landslide victory in July 31st, 2013 Presidential elections. International observers as well as the opposition would later declare that Mugabe’s victory was ‘Made in Israel’.


It’s no news to many Nigerians that the PDP-led Federal Government is deeply involved with many Israeli deals. We have read of how Israelis are handling security  in Aso Rock and how they are awarded billion-naira contracts by this same government to monitor activities of Nigerians on the internet especially Facebook and Twitter after the Occupy Nigeria protests.

The company NIKUV is Israeli-owned. It features majorly in electoral malpractices, with African countries as their major clients; countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Botswana, Ghana and Lesotho. The company’s footprint was noticed in Africa in 1996 when the company was taken to court in Zambia on allegation of election rigging.

This company has been in Zimbabwe for years and enjoys a standing relationship with Tobaiwa Mudede, the Registrar-General of Zimbabwe whose office controls the production of identification and electoral materials in Zimbabwe.

NIKUV is also friends with Army Generals or Security Intelligence units in countries they operate from.


It has been suggested that high-tech rigging materials that are alien to Nigeria’s system were used to rig the Ekiti election and a considerable portion of the ballot papers are said to have been photochromically made. Photochromic ballot papers are deployed with the use of strange but special ink in an already patterned ballot paper which takes the thumb-printed ink straight to the marked columns, regardless of wherever a voter must have voted in the first place.

Also, reports on ground from those that voted in Ekiti seem to corroborate the photochromic theory; as it was revealed that the electoral officers in each polling booth were seen folding ballot papers in a rather funny bend before given to the electorate to exercise their franchise. Such folding of the ballot papers is believed to have been done to prepare the paper for a swift movement of the ink within 50 seconds to 2 minutes after voting to the already programmed column to suit the prepared results.

One major instance that made me believe in the photochromic theory is what happened in the polling booth of Engr. Olusegun Oni a former Governor of the state and a chieftain of APC. The leader went to his polling unit to vote with his wife, children and other relatives numbering about 11. Surprisingly, when the result was announced, APC had just one vote from that unit. The question then is: was it that Segun Oni who is APC’s Vice Chairman South-West and family voted for PDP? Is the incumbent Governor so bad that nobody in that area was sympathetic to his style of Governance? Even the gluttonous and corrupt Alao Akala never got it that bad in the election that removed him as Oyo State Governor.

In addition, one has to look at the performance of the incumbent Governor who has transformed the state and fixed major roads linking Ekiti State and neighbouring states. He brought relative peace to Ekiti with his gentleman kind style of governance, unlike when the Governor-elect was in power. He has succeeded in transforming Ekiti State to a better state than what used to obtain. So with all his achievements, which political analysts and observers say surpasses that of his predecessors, there is enough ground to believe the election was technically rigged and the alleged use of photochromic materials may be true.

If the APC does not challenge this election in court, the same act may be repeated in Osun. In fact, it is advisable for political actors to call for the inspection of voting materials before they are used for the elections.

The PDP-led Federal Government intends to make Nigeria a single party state. The PDP is now using ‘stomach infrastructure’ formula to gain more access to our treasury (especially in South West).  If they succeed, it’s going to be massive setback to development recorded in our democracy over the years. I hope Nigerians can use their tongues to count their teeth and not use personal hatred or dislike for one man to judge the services of some other patriotic foot-soldiers who are passionately embarking on a rescue mission. We need a rethink as it is dangerous sleeping on the bicycle.

As it stands, I do not believe the election in Ekiti was free and fair. I am yet unconvinced that Ayodele Fayose won that election; I believe that Fayose’s victory was ‘Israeli-Made.’

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Most people who know Olanrewaju Oguntoyinbo know him as lanreneville. He analyses and comments on politics, critiques social issues and believes in #ProjectNewNigeria. Twitter: @lanreneville

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