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While you were sleeping, Twitter folks refused to let Pres. Jonathan read in peace (Photos)

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While you were sleeping, Twitter folks refused to let Pres. Jonathan read in peace (Photos)

by Stanley Azuakola

Just before midnight on Saturday, while most Nigerians slept, presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, took took to social networking site, Twitter, where he posted photos of Pres. Goodluck Jonathan reading a book, “Topics in West African History” by Abu Boahen. Abati posted the photos using the hashtag – #PresidentialReadingTime, saying “Pres. Jonathan was perusing the book…”. It created the appearance of a president squeezing time out of his busy schedule at night to read because – as they say – readers are leaders.

So first, here are four of the eight photos shared by Abati.





The reactions soon started pouring in.

In all things in Nigeria these days, it did not take too long for two camps to emerge. With due respect to the ex-minister who coined it, let’s just call the camps – the Jonathanians and the anti-Jonathanians.

First, the Jonathanians:

Ataga ‏@ExplorerAtaga
@abati1990 I like this # tag ~~> Classy! #PresidentialReadingTime

Durojola Tope E. ‏@dutem18
@abati1990 #PresidentialReadingTime #throwback. U mean my Presido is reading now, why not sleeping…dats good..

Godwin Essien ‏@Essiengodwin602
@abati1990 when you read, you discover, when you discover you recover. Committed to recovering the soul of Nigeria from her enemies.

Godwin Essien ‏@Essiengodwin602
@abati1990 Every great leader is a reader. More grace sir.

Kene ‏@KennyNani
@abati1990 The president is shrewd. wish him the best

Life through 7D Lens ‏@7DLife_NG
@abati1990 Nice Title. Also avail to us Mr. President’s Summer Reading List, So we know what’s influencing him. GR8!

ThatJewishBoy||theo ‏@Shalomttheo
@abati1990 tell my leader Goodluck, I love him..he will succeed by God’s grace..

Dr King ‏@mustysarina
@abati1990 Great to see that Pres GEJ has got time for some #PresidentialReadingTime. Another victory in the “transformation agenda”

There were some who looked like they were in between though. Like this one:

St. Vin ‏@St_Vin
@abati1990 Mehn… Our President is getting old o. May God grant him wisdom to be able to tell right from wrong, he confuses the two always.

And some, who we think did not know what was going on, or did they? Like this person who had to ask a simple question:

Black Diamond ‏@so_blaQ
Rueben what is this? “@abati1990: #PresidentialReadingTime: President Jonathan perusing “Topics in African History””

But in the other camp, the kind of angles they came from, you just begin to wonder:

Muawiyya ‏@NaijaGeneral
@abati1990 No Reading Table in Whole of Aso Rock? No Wonder!

The Godfather ‏@Ayourb
@abati1990 Seriously? Abati! This is what you’ve been reduced to? Pathetic… @animashaunremil

Truth™ ‏@bracciano1984
@Awwala @GetSmart63 @tholex360 @Ayourb @abati1990 @ogundamisi @omojuwa.I think he’s trying to read2 understand boko haram techniques.#shame

Truth™ ‏@bracciano1984
@abati1990 When #BokoHaram are busy acquiring lands and killing innocent civilians u are here posting ugly pix..#Nigeria #shame @PdpNigeria

Nothing was out of bounds…

From the president’s hat…

Elvis ‏@elksed
@abati1990 Does he always read with his hat? If ‘Yes’, I hope he doesn’t sleep with it. #PresidentialReadingTlme

& Co. ‏@AfroVII
@abati1990 Does the president ever take that hat off? Even indoors?

To his sitting posture

Wale ‏@walex313
@abati1990 a guru, an intelligent person reads in more steady position not changing positions the way ‘olodos'(dullards) do.. shiioor

Shaykha Sahfeeyah ‏@Sahfeeyah_GCFR
Dr. @abati1990: This is a bad reading posture though. Please tell Mr. President to lean back on the sofa when next he ‘peruses’ a book. Thnx

Shehu Abdullahi ‏@Shehu_III
@abati1990 : Lol! Uncle Ruby, tell Oga to relax small. Remove that bowler hat, remove those gold chains, recline on the sofa and read well

For some, what he was reading was not good enough, so they offered their suggestions:

Almubashir ‏@Awwala
@GetSmart63 @tholex360 @Ayourb @abati1990 @ogundamisi @omojuwa Ultimately he shud read Books on the essence of good conscience

#BringBackOurGirls ‏@quietswami
This is a good read too! … “@abati1990: #PresidentialReadingTime: President Jonathan”

Sigh. Why are some people just so so so so bitter please?

#Ramadan Kareem ‏@jag_bros
@abati1990 Oga needs books like …”Leadership for Dummies” … or “Animal Farm” …
Pappy ‏@P_Ladega
@abati1990 #PresidentialReadingTime #throwback Ask that dude to sum up what he read. I bet he would set up committee to do that for him.

Ah! Nigeria Twitter… some people were even debating if the book is even original. Chai

Aisha Yesufu ‏@AishaYesufu
@abati1990 @hartng Is this book the original? Looks like a pirated copy.

Sam Hart ‏@hartng
@AishaYesufu @abati1990 Honestly. Like what they hawk in traffic lights. Shouldn’t the one GEJ reads be hard cover or something?

And this dude has obviously not heard of 14 years

Adebayo ‏@bayooyeniya
@abati1990 can we see him in his PJ please?

Check out these two interesting conclusions…

Yomi.O ‏@Yomi_O
Lol nigga is dozing joor! “@abati1990: #PresidentialReadingTime: President Jonathan perusing “Topics in West African”

The Ace ‏@acerexy
@abati1990 Seems like @LEVICK are turning things around, huh? #SomeoneTellLevick we can’t be fooled; read my behind! @rosanwo

In case you haven’t heard about Levick, you can check out some signs that they are people you <strong>probably should not be emulating here.

Some people studied this book in secondary school, so naturally they thought the president should know that too

Shehu Abdullahi ‏@Shehu_III
@EzeasorIje @Jahonline @abati1990 : And to be reading a secondary school book by a Ghanaian writer! Kai! No Nigerian History Book Ne?

ijeoma Ezeasor ‏@EzeasorIje
@Shehu_III @Jahonline una go kill me. Mgbo @abati1990 why secondary sch bk. Find PHD books for GEJ.

Abubakar Umar ‏@AbuDanasabe
@abati1990 We read that book in the 70s for WASC as part of History of W/Africa. Should be reading Topics on Transactional Leadership.

Aisha M.B.P. ‏@GetSmart63
@AbuDanasabe @Ayourb @abati1990 Exactly.Thats a book ppl read back then in Secondary School.He is just seeing and reading it now?

The president must be sick of hearing this. But there’s no stopping it now

Aisha Yesufu ‏@AishaYesufu
@abati1990 @hartng We are demanding #BringBackOurGirls NOW & ALIVE. We are asking for The Truth. Nothing but The Truth. #BringBackOurGirls

#BringBackOurGirls ‏@MKabrik
@abati1990 @AbangMercy Mr Photographer,,, pls tell him it’s almost day 100 & we are yet to see our CHIBOK SISTERS! #BringBackOurGirls

Chai! Abati came under fire though!

Awal Abbakar ‏@garfat01
@abati1990 wat a shame Jona is ur age mate & u’re alwyz praisin him 4 his bad deed & gud deed. jst bcoz u guyz ar lootin our money.

As we conclude, one question though: This serious reading that our president was doing during his #PresidentialReadingTime, he was quite fast o.

Initially he was just in the beginning


Shortly afterwards, he was in the middle of the book


And soon he was in the end


Nigeria, we have a speed reader! *applause*

Some people thought however that:

Payme @Payme_My2Cents
Maybe the book has pictures in it and oga was just flipping through.


Payme @Payme_My2Cents
Abati did not tweet ‘reading’ tho. He tweeted ‘perusing’.

This made @stanleyazuakola to ask this question:

Stanley Azuakola @stanleyazuakola
@DoubleEph @Payme_My2Cents which brings us to the question: why was he “perusing” during #presidentialreadingtime? Misplaced priorities, no?

To which the reply was:

Dimgba Kalu @dkdimgba
@stanleyazuakola @DoubleEph @Payme_My2Cents Maybe wrong hashag for a thoughtful action. #presidentialperusingtime

And then Twitter slept.

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