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Akin Olowokere: Governor Mimiko Never Left The PDP

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Akin Olowokere: Governor Mimiko Never Left The PDP

By Samuel Ogundipe

The Chairman of Ondo State Property Development Company, Dr. Akin Olowokere, has described the rumoured cross carpeting of Governor Olusegun Mimiko to the Peoples Democratic Party as a homecoming should it ultimately materialise.

Speaking to The Scoop shortly after the investiture of his friend, Rotarian Ori Adeyemo, as a district president of Rotary International on Saturday, Dr. Olowokere, who was the former chairman of the PDP in Ondo State, said the governor, even though he was elected twice on the platform of Labour Party, had always exhibited core values of the ruling party.

“Governor Mimiko returning to the PDP is a wonderful homecoming. He’d always been fundamentally a PDP man, having served as a minister under President Obasanjo, so I don’t know why people are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill,” he said.

When asked if he’s sure the governor will return to the PDP in the coming weeks, the astute doctor quipped that the former governor did not actually leave the party if his political activities as governor were to be properly juxtaposed.

“If you’re a close observer of the governor’s activities, you’ll discern that he’s a PDP member per excellence. He always frequents Abuja and has never put his allegiance to the PDP in doubt. He just used Labour Party as a platform to actualise his goals because of some elements that were impeding on his success in the PDP while he was strategizing his gubernatorial ambition.”

Dr. Olowokere also disabused unsubstantiated claims that he’s planning to run for office in the coming election.

“There’s absolutely no truth, whatsoever, in the claim that I’m running for office. I am one who believes in grassroots politics where those at the lowest ebb of the society can easily recognise my name and what I stand for. For now, I prefer to be physically, intellectually and financially supportive of my party. If I am called upon to serve in any capacity by any administration, I’ll be willing to submit myself to serve my people.”

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