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Seun Fakuade: You chose Fayose! – Ekiti people and the journey ahead


Seun Fakuade: You chose Fayose! – Ekiti people and the journey ahead

By Seun Fakuade

It was very late in the evening on Wednesday and probably an inopportune time to start a conversation with the cerebral outgoing governor of Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi. But despite his obvious hectic schedule (having our conversation disrupted by many phone calls); you could sense the commitment of the visionary man to the upliftment of the Ekiti people from abject poverty and an abysmal human capital development.

Our discussion centered mainly on the successor generation and his unrepentant commitment to developing Human Capital. About 15 times he had mentioned the “skills disconnect” in our conversation and you could see a man not only armed for office, but one who understood the challenges of the future and was working tirelessly in arresting them years before the disaster overwhelm us all. Leadership is and remains the problem of our nation. Nigeria is filled with incompetent people in critical core positions.

The June 21 election in Ekiti through which Ayo Fayose emerged as governor is being contested in the court; and it has, since Monday, resulted in violence and unrest. The question is if Fayose truly won, why should he fear the outcome of the judicial process? Why should his supporters go on rampage assaulting the judges and other peace loving citizens of the state?

The crisis that since engulfed Ekiti since Monday at the courts brought back memories of chaos, disruption of lives and property and untold recklessness. For 47 months, Ekiti found peace under Dr Fayemi. For all these years, the state found peace and tranquility under his administration. That, today, is being replaced with chaos and Fayose is not even in office yet. I passed the Governor’s office yesterday and saw state property vandalized. The signage leading to the Governor’s office has been destroyed while other resemblances of Kayode Fayemi around the lodge have been torched.

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It is ironic that the incredibly brilliant Fayemi was rejected by the June 21 election. Many have lauded his sterling performance and I will not like to reprint them here. However, the truth is, Ekiti replaced gold with wood. In Fayemi, Ekiti lost another chance at recovery, at growth and development, at continued peace and a chance to solidify the foundation for a vibrant state. Fayose at best is vacuous, inept, and largely irresponsible (even though he claimed otherwise) and has not displayed commitment to the process through which a progressive Ekiti State can emerge. He is a former governor of Ekiti State and he was disgracefully retired from office on charges amounting to flagrant abuse of power and financial recklessness.

Since Monday, the people of Ekiti started experiencing what they will endure under Ayo Fayose’s era, should he stay as Governor for four years. The people of Ekiti decided on June 21 that they needed Fayose. They cannot now be angry at the crisis that is engulfing their communities; they cannot complain, they must sit through the process for the next 4 years and enjoy whatever Fayose’s era brings. Indeed, they must reap the benefits of apathy, indifference or deliberate involvement in the process that brought in Ayo Fayose.

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