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Reuben Abati shared two photos today which Buhari might disagree with (LOOK)

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Reuben Abati shared two photos today which Buhari might disagree with (LOOK)

by Segun Odeleye

The special adviser on media and publicity to Nigeria’s president, Reuben Abati, shared some photos on social media outlets on Wednesday, emphasising some positives of the current administration in the handling of the nation’s economy.

One of the photos highlighted the growth of the nation’s external reserves and its peak at $42.9bn “one of Nigeria’s highest ever”. Abati did not state where the reserves stand at currently, even though it is believed to now be around $39bn.

The other photo highlighted the over-subscription of Nigeria’s $1bn Euro bond, which Abati said was a sign of confidence in the economy.

 What does this have to do with Buhari? Check out the photos below tweeted by Abati and we will explain afterwards.

#LestWeForget #LestWeForget1

During Buhari’s declaration speechin Abuja today, it turned out that he said something about economic figures, like the ones above, which the Federal Government often quotes.

Hear him:

“The economy continues to deteriorate while the Government continues to announce fantastic growth figures but manufacturing is down, agriculture is down, commerce is down

Simply because you sell oil and steal part of the money does not entitle you to cook figures and announce phantom economic growth when all the major indices namely,

  • Employment
  • Manufacturing
  • Farming
  • Trading

are demonstrably on the decline.

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So where do you stand on this issue?

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