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Why we still don’t know which venue to use for GEJ’s declaration – Declaration committee

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Why we still don’t know which venue to use for GEJ’s declaration – Declaration committee

The Presidential Committee on Declaration set up by President Goodluck Jonathan on his re-election bid met at the presidential villa on Monday for the second time. But they did not have more details for Nigerians on the declaration event scheduled for November 11.

The chairman of the committee, Haliru Mohammed, told state house correspondents that up till now, they still are unsure of the venue to use for the event because members have not agreed on the format for the declaration.

He said the format, whether a low-key or an elaborate one, will determine the venue.

He expressed the hope that the subcommittees saddled with different assignments would come up with their reports next week to enable the panel swing into full action.

He said, “We have set up subcommittees to do the various activities for the arrangement. We will get the copies of the subcommittees from the secretariat. The subcommittees will now make their programmes based on their terms of reference. They will get the budget and then we will start rolling.

“We are considering a number of venues. The nature of the organisation will determine the venue because there are events that are solemn that could be done in a room like a meeting while there are events that require razzmatazz that only could be done in an arena.

“We haven’t decided the format yet. It is one of the jobs of the subcommittees to decide the format and the procedure. When that is done, we will decide the appropriate venue for that kind of arrangement.

“That one could be done as early as next week. Once the committees start, we have the event committee, we have the venue committee because we need inputs from various people, that is why we have the subcommittees.

“When they decide on the format, that is when we have the venue of the event because each event determines its own venue.”

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