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Anjuwon Oluwole: @omojuwa and the PDP Twitter voltrons


Anjuwon Oluwole: @omojuwa and the PDP Twitter voltrons

by Anjuwon Oluwole

Success they say has many fathers, but in the case of Nigeria’s most valuable non-celebrity individual twitter handle ‘@omojuwa’ the reverse is the case.  The individual behind this handle is Japheth Omojuwa, who is a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Omojuwa is among the very few Nigerians who saw the future of what twitter as a social media platform would become; a means of speaking for the voiceless, promoting business concepts, ideas and brands, public opinion ‘swayers’ tool amongst others.

About 35 percent and more of active Nigerians on twitter follow @omojuwa and his opinions are always sought for in the areas of politics, football and other important national and foreign issues.  The positive result of his vision has made him a major social media brand ambassador for major brands in the country.

Politically, Omojuwa is seen by many as someone who is a subtle member of the opposition, All Progressive Congress (APC), as his political-oriented tweets are often based on criticising the Goodluck Jonathan government, in order to point out areas where the Federal Government could make amendment to its actions and inactions.

However, some see him as someone whose interest is in ensuring good governance and not in party politics, as he commends politicians who have done well in both the PDP and APC, and lashes out at those who have underperformed.  Albeit, because of the backwardness and immaturity of our political behaviours, some people believe a social commentator like Omojuwa can’t be neutral.

Thus in recent days, Omojuwa has been receiving various forms of attacks on twitter than he had ever received since he joined twitter.  These attacks have been coming from the supporters of the PDP.  These PDP twitter voltrons see Omojuwa as an opportunist, who has taken what was supposed to be theirs.  To them he has bitten off more than he can chew, when he accepted the offer to moderate in a discussion with PDP’s Jimi Agbaje, a gubernatorial candidate in Lagos.

Memories of how Omojuwa had often criticized the PDP led federal government was what resonated in the minds of these PDP supporters on Nigeria’s Twitter sphere rather than the good fortune Omojuwa would bring to their candidate(s) and their party.

Due to the monetization of our electioneering process, these people may have thought that this is an opportunity they have missed in an election year and therefore, everything must be done to deny Omojuwa further opportunities of interacting with top guns of the PDP they themselves might never meet in their life time.

The attack on Omojuwa was not about addressing issues, but was about casting aspersions on his personality.  He was called various names as allegations of Credit Card fraud were made against him amongst others.

This act is very worrisome as people who might be in charge of the affairs of our country in the nearest future, are busy engaging themselves in the type of dirty politics our fathers do engage themselves in.  The negative actions of our fathers have not led us anywhere and we are foolishly following suit.  We are to right the wrongs they have made, and not build upon it.  As young ones, we must start addressing issues rather than name-calling and we need to bring forth first class thoughts instead of mediocrity when it comes to national issues.

We must not turn our politics to the ‘crazy’ type of love we have for our European Football Clubs; where we are always quick to blindly criticize another team which is doing well, even when the team we support is not playing well.

I’m not a big fan of Omojuwa, but I am glad to join numerous Nigerians to share in the fatherhood of one of the colossus of Nigeria’s Twitter sphere.

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