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Gov. Aliyu orders his deputy to leave executive council meeting for allegedly calling him a thief

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Gov. Aliyu orders his deputy to leave executive council meeting for allegedly calling him a thief

by Dare Lawal

Recently, the deputy governor of Niger state, Alhaji Ahmed Musa Ibeto, dumped the ruling PDP for the opposition. Ibeto had tried without success to pick the PDP ticket to run for governor and so decamped, citing injustice.

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On Thursday, at the state executive council meeting, Ibeto was ordered to leave by Gov. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, who threatened to “deal with Ibeto” with security.

According to reports, Aliyu said that he would not preside over the cabinet meeting if Ibeto was seated since the deputy is now a member of the opposition and could share privileged information. He also accused Ibeto of calling him a thief while on gubernatorial campaign of the APC.

On his part, the deputy governor denied ever calling Aliyu a thief. He confirmed that he left the while cabinet meeting after the governor threatened to use security against him.

The governor had earlier released a statement through his Chief Press Secretary, Isreal Ebije, that the deputy governor excused himself from the meeting and was not ordered to leave. Ibeto however debunked the governor’s claims.

“If this statement is coming from government let me react. It is not true that I excused myself. When I received notification for the council meeting of yesterday I went as usual. But before the council started the governor in his opening remarks said that people and members of the executive council were aware that I have decamped from the PDP to APC, and that we had gone on campaign round the state.

“He said that he has the information and clips that I called him a thief and that he will not preside over the council where I am sitting.”

Ibeto said that the governor said he was no longer sure that he will not use council deliberations against the PDP government.

“I objected and explained that I have never called him a thief and that everywhere we go, people always wanted to know why I defected to APC and I have been telling them .I left PDP because of the injustice in the Party”.

The deputy governor has stated that the governor has no constitutional power to stop him from attending legitimate council meetings.

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