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What Presidents Nguesso and Mbasogo discussed with Pres. Jonathan today

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What Presidents Nguesso and Mbasogo discussed with Pres. Jonathan today

President Denis Nguesso of the Republic of Congo, and President Nguema Mbasogo of Equitorial Guinea both visited President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria today in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

The two presidents were in Nigeria on a mandate from the Heads of State of the Central African Community to visit both Nigeria and Ghana.

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After the meeting with Jonathan, the Congolese president told the press that the two challenges which prompted their visit are Ebola, which is affecting basically countries in West Africa, as well as Boko Haram.

“Like you know at the last meeting of the Africa Union, the Heads of State took some very important decisions principally to check the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun and Chad. Following the meeting of the African Union, the Economic Community of Central African Countries had a meeting recently in Yaoundé to address particularly the Boko Haram challenge in Africa and to see the possibility of ameliorating the grave situation.  It’s on that platform that we met with our friend President Jonathan of Nigeria,” said Pres. Nguesso.

The two presidents have since left Nigeria on a visit to Pres. John Mahama of Ghana.

The visiting heads of state thanked Nigeria’s president “for the peace we have seen here and for his listening, and the exchange we have had. We want to congratulate the government and the people of Nigeria and all the security forces for the recent success that they recorded in overcoming attacks by Boko Haram. We hope that the framework that we are going to put in place will give us a better and more effective result against Boko Haram.”

They also expressed hope that with continued collaboration between ECOWAS, the Central African Community, and the support of the international community, effective results will be achieved for sustainable peace and security for the continent.

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