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All because of GEJ’s money: Kashamu and GEJ campaign coordinator almost get to blows at the Hilton

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All because of GEJ’s money: Kashamu and GEJ campaign coordinator almost get to blows at the Hilton

Elections are over but the ripples from the exercise continues to reverberate across the country.

In Ogun state, two prominent factions held sway in the PDP before the elections. One was led by ex-governor Gbenga Daniel, while the other was led by Buruji Kashamu, who is now a senator-elect.

The campaign coordinator of the Goodluck Jonathan presidential campaign in the state, Prince Segun Seriki, a former national lawmaker, belonged to the Gbenga Daniel camp. Consequently, most of the monies which came into the state for the conduct of the elections passed through Seriki, a development which was not too pleasing to Kashamu.

Yesterday in Abuja, at the Nicon Hilton, the two men stumbled upon each other, and a serious drama ensued.

Kashamu confronted Seriki over President Jonathan’s campaign funds.

It was gathered that Seriki who was at the Nicon Hilton Hotel in Abuja for a political meeting met with the Buruji at the entrance of the hotel and engaged him in a verbal altercation which led to Buruji assaulting the campaign coordinator.

At the centre of their face-off was the N700 million campaign fund released to Seriki as head of the campaign.

Kashamu was in the company of the National Coordinator of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, Ifeanyi Uba when the incident happened.

According to Seriki, who has confirmed the incident, Kashamu who chased him around and kept shouting, nearly tore his cloth but for the intervention of people around.

According to him, “his offence was that he refused to be tele-guided by Kashamu, especially, when the campaign fund was released and that he was answerable to former Governor,Otunba Gbenga Daniel instead of him”,Seriki said.

According to PM News:

He revealed that a sum of N30 million was given to Kashamu and other candidates from the initial N200 million given to him, adding that, he later gave N200 million from N 500 million later given to the committee.

Seriki alleged that Kashamu threatened to kidnap him.

According to him, “It was a very embarrassing development, he attacked me at the Hilton Hotel yesternight and he nearly torn my cloth off, if not for the quick intervention of the people, because he was practically behaving like someone possesses.

“He was with Ifeanyi Uba when I met him, he was so violent and started running after me while I ran backward. My offence was that I was pro-OGD and didn’t give him much support during the election.

“When I was appointed as the campaign coordinator, I was in between a credible platform represented by Otunba Gbenga Daniel and a controversial platform represented by Buruji Kashamu, but I chose Daniel, because OGD has the widest mass appeal in Ogun State.

“Before my appointment, there was practically no poster or billboard of President Jonathan in the state and I erected about 100 billboards all over the state with the initial N200 million given to the committee while I bought 45 Sienna cars to aggrieved people who Kashamu was pushing out of the party, but Kashamu was requesting for part of the money,” he revealed.

Seriki who blamed Kashamu for the poor political outing of PDP at the last election in the state, explained that he (Kashamu) took over the party structure with ‘questionable judicial process and unilaterally wrote the name of the unpopular candidates and imposed them on the party.’

He lamented that Kashamu should be praising him, if he had good intentions about the election matter, but that he was after the fund for personal aggrandizement, alleging that Kashamu requested the money to be shared among few people.

When asked if he had reported the matter to the police, Seriki explained that he believed that the alleged threat by Kashamu holds no water, adding that, he doesn’t want his case ‘to accelerate the credibility problem hanging on Kashamu’s neck.’

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