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“No to Ghana-Must-Go; no to rice importation; no to rubber stamp”: Murray-Bruce is on a Twitter roll

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“No to Ghana-Must-Go; no to rice importation; no to rubber stamp”: Murray-Bruce is on a Twitter roll

Some people might call him a novice, some might say that his new senatorial post is getting to him, but one thing is certain, Senator-Elect Ben Murray Bruce is really pumped about the next phase of his life.

In the last two weeks, Murray-Bruce has made the headlines several times over some of his tweets, interviews and opinion pieces.

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The Silverbird media mogul recently took to Twitter to air his voice on the corrupt state of the Assembly.

His tweets read “I’m widely traveled yet I’ve not seen a nation where leaders donate public money like Nigeria. If you must donate, donate your own money!

“The 8th NASS won’t be a rubber stamp. Not while I’m there! I will expose ANYBODY that dares approach me or my colleagues with Ghana Must Go!

“NASS must force FG to ban importation of rice, wheat & chicken. It drains our forex and Nigerians won’t die if we don’t eat imported rice!

“NASS must not allow FG borrow to pay salaries. We shouldn’t put future generations in bondage. Good parents eat and leave for their kids!

“In future elections, Nigerians must note that those that cant make a success of their business will make politics their successful business.

“Somebody tweets me asking what I’ve done for masses! God blessed me to set up businesses that employ 1000 Nigerians & give joy to millions!

“Homeless masses everywhere in Abuja, yet no African city has as many unoccupied mansions as Abj cuz corrupt elite build what they dont need!

“Google it, a Gov who hadn’t paid workers salary for months budgeted almost 20 billion for his office. Even colonial masters won’t do that!”

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