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PDP delivers its final verdict on the Fashola administration

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PDP delivers its final verdict on the Fashola administration

The ex-governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, has come under fire from the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos which adjudged his tenure as a dismal one built entirely on propaganda.

PDP advised the new governor Akin Ambode to work hard in order to take Lagos out of the “make-belief” situation of the Fashola years. It however said it did not expect Ambode to heed its advise.

According to PDP spokesman in the state, Taofik Gani, “While we hope the best for Lagos State, it is our objective projection that Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode may not depart from the propagandist government now institutionalised in the state by Governor Fashola.”

The PDP said Ambode should avoid the entrapment of ‘godfatherism’ for the Lagos State to prosper.

The statement said, “It is, however, our wish that the state prospers and so we admonish Ambode to get close to God and jettison ‘godfatherism’ in order to make any appreciable success. By upholding this tenet, Mr. Ambode will implement policies for the people and not continue in the manner that (suggests) the state economy is in the hands of a godfather.

“With monthly internally generated revenue of at least N27bn, no governor should fail in Lagos state. But former Governor Fashola left office leaving the state with the highest local and international debt profile in the federation. The former governor failed because of his over-dependence on a godfather and his own self-believe.”

The party complained about the high number of projects left uncompleted by Fashola including “lack of affordable low-cost housing, balkanised civil service with no minimum wage, unresolved Lagos State University crisis, economic and human rights violations. Others are shortage of road networks, hostile business environment, inability to bring down cost of living in the state, poor primary and secondary education standard, to mention a few.”

The party expressed confidence that its candidate at the poll, Jimi Agbaje, will be declared winner of the April 11 poll.

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