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Gov. Ganduje addresses the press on the huge debts owed by Ex-Gov. Kwankwaso’s government

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Gov. Ganduje addresses the press on the huge debts owed by Ex-Gov. Kwankwaso’s government

By Dare Lawal

Gov. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the new governor of Kano state, was the deputy governor to Ex-Gov. Rabiu Kwankwaso in the eight years that the latter held sway and was the only deputy to be endorsed by his boss to succeed him.

So when Ganduje called a press briefing to address the huge liabilities left behind for his government, it was unlikely that he would criticise Kwankwaso the way several new governors have been hitting at their predecessors.

Ganduje admitted at the press conference that there was a huge liability left behind for his government but insisted that it was not a crime as the liability was justifiable.

“It’s correct we have inherited huge liability; this doesn’t mean a crime was committed by my boss. We planned everything together as his deputy. Unfortunately, what we envisaged failed as the price of oil dropped. So we couldn’t have completed what we started because of lack of money. This is not a problem for me as such is a matter of planning and rescheduling”, Governor Ganduje stressed.

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He said his government will reschedule contracts and will pay for them based on availability of funds, adding that those crying foul are only being shortsighted.

He said that the previous government planned in anticipation that the price of oil will be $100 per barrel, but it dropped to $50.

He said, “I don’t want anybody to say I have liability; yes, I have it, but it isn’t a crime”.

He identified continuation, consolidation, fine tuning and introduction of new ideas as the framework he will follow to achieve the set objectives of his government.

On continuity, Governor Ganduje said because there are a number of projects that were not completed by the former regime, he owes it a duty to speedily complete them.

He added that part of the problems of governance in this country is discontinuation of projects and programmes, and promised not to abandon any project.

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