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Oyegun reacts to the call by exco member for him to resign

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Oyegun reacts to the call by exco member for him to resign

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, John Oyegun, has finally reacted to clamours made by the party’s national deputy publicity secretary, Comrade Timi Frank, calling for his resignation.

Frank alleged that the leadership of the party handled the national assembly election process within the APC in a shoddy manner.

Frank had stated that Oyegun was under pressure to carry out the wishes of some bigwigs in the party thus relinquishing the position of the deputy senate president which was clinched by the opposition People’s Democratic Party.

Speaking to Vanguard Newspaper, Oyegun explained that Frank knew little about the situation. He also explained that he was not under any kind of pressure to conduct the election.

He said: “It is neither here nor there. That’s his opinion and views. And I suppose he’s entitled to them. But I read the statement. He’s not a member of the National Working Committee (NWC). He’s a member of NEC alright. But not of the National Working Committee. So, it is neither here not there.

“When things happen, people look for scapegoats and it is a pity that he told the press instead of coming to say, look, chairman, what happened? How did things go the way they did? He might have just benefited from the education.

“I was not under any pressure in the sense that he’s taking it but a party chairman is constantly under pressure especially when the time comes for dividing the spoils of office, naturally, people of different interest, it is for the national chairman to moderate all these interests. And usually not everybody will be pleased. One way or the other, whatever decision you take, somebody is bound to be unhappy. That’s the way things run.”

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