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Governor Ortom’s CSO accused of murdering PDP Chieftain

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Governor Ortom’s CSO accused of murdering PDP Chieftain

The eldest son of a slain Benue PDP Leader Chief Atoza Ihindan, has accused the Benue State governor’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) Dickson Orlu Pawa and Youth Leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, Hon. Moses Anaana of complicity in the death of his father.

Hon. Terfa Atoza-Ihindan, the eldest son of the Chieftain and a former Commissioner of Commerce & Industry in the state, addressed a press conference in Abuja yesterday.

On Friday 17th July, Chief Atoza Ihindan was in Katsina-Ala (a town two hours away from the capital Makurdi) inspecting the perimeter fence of a building. He was in the company of a police escort and aide when two hired killers on a motorcycle shot him at close range. He died on the spot.

“While the police are doing their best to unearth the identity of the killers, I am constrained to state that I strongly suspect Superintendent of Police, Dickson Orlu Pawa, the Chief Security Officer to Governor Samuel Ortom who was the Aide De Camp (ADC) to former Governor Gabriel Suswam for seven years five months and Mr. Moses Anaana, (alias Anaana J.) as the masterminds of my father’s assassination.” he said.

The former Commissioner did not provide reasons for his accusations but revealed that a petition has been filed with the Inspector General of Police which states the reasons why CSO Dickson Orlu Pawa and Hon. Moses Anaana have been implicated.

He further expressed his distress about the spate of political assassinations in Nigeria.

“The killing of people because of political differences is reprehensible and does not help our efforts to build democracy in this country. Human life is sacred and those that deprive other humans of their life should be held to account for their crimes.”
I call on you to assist me to bring the killers of my father to book and to be vigilant so that together we can put away this sad horrendous activity from our national life.”

The Late Rt. Hon. Atoza Ihindan (MFR), joins a growing list of other slain PDP party members in Benue since the change of government from the People Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the last elections.

In a press statement signed by the PDP State Publicity Secretary, Hon. Godwin Ayihe, the Publicity Secretary expressed concern over the escalating violence.

“The party’s former chairman in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area, Hon. Zege Igyuve, was shot and killed by unknown gunmen, and the party’s Youth Leader in Ushongo Local Government Area, Hon. Ternenge Gbuuga, also met a similar fate. Prior to then, two stalwarts of the party in Kwande, Dege Ayahemba and Tarkighir Agbatse, were shot and killed, while another stalwart of the party, still in Kwande, Hon. Felix Ajiva, died in circumstances which pointed to obvious murder, as he was alleged to have been poisoned.” he said.

Fourteen suspects have since been arrested by Benue State Police Command for alleged involvement in killing of Chief Atoza Ihindan.

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