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“If I was still chairman, PDP wouldn’t have lost”: Tukur turned 80 today, so he’s allowed to play God

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“If I was still chairman, PDP wouldn’t have lost”: Tukur turned 80 today, so he’s allowed to play God

Bamanga Tukur, the former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, who was replaced in 2014 by Adamu Mu’azu, who has also since been replaced, said on Wednesday that the reason the PDP lost the election was because he was ousted from office.

Tukur was not kidding. It was his birthday on September 10, and he gathered journalists to his residence to mark the day.

“Well, when I was there I won elections and in the same vein, if I were there also I expect to win the election,” he said.

It might be useful to note that he was marking his 80th birthday, so let’s oblige him by pretending to take that statement seriously.

Speaking on his forceful removal as the party’s chairman, he said: “Well, I thought we were in a system of democracy and my views are such that what I believe in is what I will preach. I want election and people say they want selection. If the majority or the strong people in the PDP did not believe in it then the chioce or the next thing for me to do was to leave.

“It is either I leave or they leave but I did not want them to leave so decided to leave. At that time, people said I am preaching internal democracy instead of imposition. So it will be difficult for me to sit down”

Commenting on some party members calling for the sack of the current PDP National Working Committee, Tukur distanced himself from such calls and adding that the problem of the party was the loss of the election.

He said: “You know to get the solution you have to look at the problem. The problem is that the party did not win election. Therefore the focus should be what should be done what is goingwrong? Is not about sending somebody away For instance if you have malaria, what are the causes of malaria, maybe mosquitoes, then you try to eliminate the mosquitoes from the system so that the malaria can stop.”

On Pres. Buhari, he said: “As far as I am concerned he is going according to his agenda. So you can judge as well as I can judge. It is not for me to assess. A hundred days became a kind of syndrome. What has been said by Buhari is that he wants to confront corruption, he want to confront insecurity and he wants to confront unemployment and empower, by these he has set the agenda and it is going on.

“So how can you now tell me that you have a land mark to asses NEPA by improvement to know if it is improving. What are you going to use to measure the insecurity? Are they fighting it, are the moving to me they are going the right way he has not deviated from that they said they will do”.

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