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Unnamed ministerial nominee met unnamed DSS officials to pressurise unnamed tribunal judges- PDP alleges

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Unnamed ministerial nominee met unnamed DSS officials to pressurise unnamed tribunal judges- PDP alleges

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has raised a grievous alarm, which is criminal if confirmed to be true, but they failed once again to present any evidence or even mention names.

The party’s publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, said at a Saturday press briefing that an All Progressives Congress chieftain who is on the ministerial list, is working in league with the Department of the State Services to alter the judgment of the governorship election Tribunal in PDP controlled states.

The PDP says it has evidence to back it up but failed to present it. Metuh claimed that the ministerial nominee had met with the DSS and asked the security agency to summon all election tribunal judges, particularly those handling cases in the PDP-controlled states with a view to interfering with judgments. Metuh did not mention which DSS official met with this ministerial nominee.

A further allegation by the PDP was that on Friday, the DSS allegedly summoned tribunal judges with a view to dictating to them the content of the judgment.

“We have incontrovertible evidence that the DSS has been lured by a ministerial nominee into putting pressure on judges handling election cases in PDP- controlled states to alter their judgment. PDP leadership hereby call on the CJN (Chief Justice of Nigeria‎) to defend the independence of the judiciary. The effort by the DSS to interfere in tribunal judgment is unknown to security services anywhere in the world.

“Security agents are concerned with the responsibility of homeland security. It is unfortunate that DSS is interfering in tribunal judgment. If it is allowed to continue, it will be difficult for Nigerians to have confidence in the judiciary,” Metuh added.

Metuh however, expressed the confidence of the party on the judiciary‎, but noted that the people did not vote for DSS to determine the outcome of the election.

He specifically mentioned the PDP-controlled states of Rivers and Akwa Ibom States as the areas where the DSS was allegedly targeting its attention on tribunal judgments. working in cahoots with the Department of the State Security Service to alter the judgment of the Rivers state governorship election Tribunal.

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