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NNPC to dole out free gas cylinders to homes to decrease Kerosene dependency

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NNPC to dole out free gas cylinders to homes to decrease Kerosene dependency

Group Managing Director, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachuikwu, has outlined his plans for the improvement of the usage of cooking gas in Nigerian homes.

Kachikwu, who had an interactive session with journalists in Lagos about the availability of kerosene, explained that the NNPC wasn’t focused on Kerosene for the time being as it isn’t profitable.

“Kerosene is not my product, for two reasons. One is that it has its own toxic effect. Increasingly, we are beginning to hear that because of the subsidy, some people are using it for aviation purposes. There is a lot of fraud involved in it. More importantly, I lose a lot of money when I do kerosene. I don’t have passion for it right now. Ultimately, there is enough gas in this country, for us to be able to have every family revert back to cooking gas.

“Before the end of next year, we plan to give out free cylinder to every Nigerian family that wants it. Once we do that, we force the NNPC retail business to expand so as to ensure that gas is available everywhere for people to fill their gas cylinders.

“It is a project the President is passionate and excited about. We are going to see more of that. I hope that by the end of next year, we would have reduced dramatically the quantity of kerosene that people use in cooking. As we do that, we begin to step out of the kerosene business, because it is costing us a lot and begin to show profitability in the other index.

“As for rural penetration, we are working on a particular penetration model under our CSR that need special interventions in various areas. For example, look at what we have done in the power sector, we have some dramatic work.

“People probably did not notice that in the last two months, power production has been very good. The reason is that the injection of gas has increased by 200%. About 80% of that is being done by NPDC. As at today, we have 2,000 TCF (trillion cubic feet) stranded gas that if we had the transmission lines, we will move our power production from 4,300 MW to about 6,000 MW.

“Another thing we are thinking about is how to invest N40 billion in building those transmission lines. Once we do that, we can now make use of the 2,000 TCF of stranded gas. As we do that, we need to look at the unique power spectrum potential for each area. Those are part of the penetration. As you go to the North, for example, solar for me is key.

“All the sun shine was given to us by God for a reason. How do we harness that so that the dependence on national grid will begin to drop? As you go to the East, you have coal. So, there are all kinds of models that we are looking at. Also, if you look at the distribution of retail business, less than one percent are women,” he said.

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