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Benue State has promised to tackle flooding, but says victims should blame themselves

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Benue State has promised to tackle flooding, but says victims should blame themselves

Following the submerging of houses situated by the bank of Benue River in Makurdi, the Benue state government has reiterated its commitment to ensure that it tackles flood related issues in the state.
Just as it lamented the menace occasioned by the flood, it also blamed affected persons for their woos for not adhering to earlier warnings to move from areas prone to flooding.
State Commissioner for Water Resources and Environment, Nick Wende, further noted that tackling flood related issues was the collective responsibility of all and the contribution of all was needed to check environmental challenges.
The commissioner spoke at the Benue State edition of the “World Day of Prayer for Care and Creation” organized by Most Rev. William Avenya, Bishop Catholic Diocese of Gboko, Benue state at St. John’s Catholic Church, Gboko last weekend.
While he noted that the government has well defined policies to tackle environmental issues, he stressed “If we (government) fail in this responsibility, then it means we have failed collectively.”
The Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Gboko, Benue state, Most Rev. William Avenya earlier noted that the programme was in compliance with the directive of Pope Francis.
He explained that the Pope who was concerned about environmental challenges faced by the country, urged Catholics to be vanguards in sensitizing the people, particular the Church on the desire to have a safe environment.
Avenya who represented Pope Francis at the occasion noted that it was for the reason of passing the message to all that he invited the Chief Imam, Gboko central Mosque, Yahaya Danjuma to be part of the programme.
He noted that the Pope prayed the Church use the occasion “to thank God for the wonderful handiwork which He has entrusted to our care.”
In his remarks, the Chief Imam who stated that his invitation was a show of love by the Church therefore called on all to “avoid devilish acts that will send us to hell.”
The Chancellor of the Diocese, Rev. Father Isaac Dugu explained that “The invitation embraced the sentiments of Pope Francis hence the invitation was extended to all Christian denominations, Muslim brothers and sisters, traditional worshippers and persons of good will.”
He also said the Pope hoped that the world day of prayer “will offer individual believers and communities the opportunity to affirm their

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