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From Kaduna, Tinubu sends love to Buhari’s new ministers

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From Kaduna, Tinubu sends love to Buhari’s new ministers

Bola Tinubu did not attend the inauguration of federal ministers which held at the presidential villa on Wednesday. He was away in Kaduna instead as a guest of the state governor, Nasir El-Rufai who launched the Kaduna Taxi Cab scheme. Tinubu however sent word to the ministers, telling them “congratulations… and be prepared to solve problems.”

Despite continuous speculations that Tinubu is not happy with the president’s nominees because his preferred candidates did not get the nod, the APC leader has worked overtime to explain that he had no problems with Buhari’s choices and wished them well.

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In his statement, he emphasised that there were indeed enormous challenges confronting the nation, after “the devastating effects of the mismanagement by the previous administration on our economy and the psyche of Nigerians.”

“People’s expectations are very high and expectedly so,” he said. “The people’s hope is hinged on the change our party promised. You are now the foot soldiers of that change. You have to be creative, proactive and bold. You are men and women of talent and experience of the moment and are lucky to be chosen. After the luck comes work.”

He concluded his statement with the words of Aneesh Chopra from his book “Innovative State”. “This is about creating an Innovative State. A government for the 21st Century. One that engages its diverse society, encourages participation and creates a partnership towards problem solving”.

“I leave you with these words and congratulate you once more,” Tinubu said.

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