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PDP has some suggestions on fighting corruption but a lot of it doesn’t make sense

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PDP has some suggestions on fighting corruption but a lot of it doesn’t make sense

By Segun Odeleye

In the midst of the Peoples Democratic Party’s wailing over how it believes Pres. Muhammadu Buhari is only targeting its members, it made a few good points.

For one, it demanded that an investigation be conducted over the sources of funding for the presidential campaigns of both the PDP and the APC. That’s a fair demand to make. Campaign financing is a murky area in Nigeria’s democracy and INEC is not sufficiently empowered by law to deal with offenders. Some details on how the PDP raised campaign funds during the 2015 polls are coming to light, but how did the APC raise its own? Did it have anything to do with the huge hole in the savings account of the Rivers state government, which dropped from N55bn to less than N2bn in a year? That’s an important and fair question.

However many other things said by the PDP spokesman, Olisa Metuh, in the party’s statement on Sunday did not make sense. For example, the party wants Pres. Buhari to extend his investigation to 1984, more than thirty years ago.

“The investigation should be extended to the security votes of past Presidents and Heads of State from 1984; the award of contracts by the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) from 1993 to 1999,” the PDP said.

It also called for probe of military purchases and expenditure during the Bakassi wars; the fight against militancy in the Niger Delta; military interventions in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, among others.

That’s nonsense, clearly. A waste of time and probably an attempt at diversion.

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Another suggestion of the PDP which did not make much sense was its call on the president to set up a National Truth Commission. What would be the purpose of this Commission? Basically, the PDP says it will be a talkshop “where politicians and other Nigerians publicly discuss the true meaning of corrupt practice in our land” and serve as a “platform for a proper public inquisition into the mind-boggling wealth of some Nigerians in public office.”

Really? Metuh? PDP? Another talk shop on the meaning of corruption is the PDP’s big idea.

Anyway, the rest of the statement was dedicated to Metuh’s usual whingeing about how Buhari was only targeting the PDP and those opposed to him. Not much substance in those, so you can skip.

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