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“People want us to be insulting the president and APC” – PDP

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“People want us to be insulting the president and APC” – PDP

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that it was working to rebuild the party, but the process is not easy. The opposition, according to the party, is both from within and outside.

“We have been rebuilding, but it is not easy. We are rebuilding, but there are different forces, and contending interests (working against it). It is not easy,” said Olisa Metuh, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, in an interview with The Punch.

He said the forces working against the PDP from outside are from “a ruthless ruling party”, while there are those inside the party who “knowingly or unknowingly, they are embarking on distractions and distractions that would rather be in the interest of the ruling party than our growth.”

Metuh, nevertheless, said he was confident that the forces working against the rebuilding of the party within its fold and outside would fail.

He claimed that some members of the PDP expect him to consistently be antagonistic and abusive with the new ruling party.

He said that since the party lost the general elections, it had tried to remain focused and play the role of an opposition to the ruling All Progressives Congress. He said the APC did not win the elections by merely abusing former President Goodluck Jonathan, adding that some actions of the members of the PDP then helped in adding to the fortune of the APC.

“But since we lost the election, we have tried to remain focus and retain the support of a very large number of our members to remain focus in opposing this government.

“Some of our members misconstrue an opposition party to be a party that insults people because that was what the APC was doing.

“People want us to insult the President and the ruling party to remain in opposition. Because we are not doing that, our people are not comfortable with that.

“They believe that we are too soft and they believe that we are too academic. They want us to be insulting the people. It was not by insulting the former President that gave the APC victory.

“We fuelled partisan support for the APC in some part of the country.”

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