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Finally, Police SARS gets official uniform (LOOK)

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Finally, Police SARS gets official uniform (LOOK)

After operating in plain clothes (mufti) for a long time, the officers of the much dreaded Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, now have their own uniforms. The uniforms were unveiled yesterday by Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni on behalf of the Inspector-General of Police.



New Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad uniform

In the past there have been several cases of impersonation and clashes between the public and officers of SARS. Those are challenges which the new uniform is expected to solve.

According to Owoseni, the new uniform, which has unique numbers for the Federal SARS as well as the various states, was introduced in furtherance of efforts by the Inspector General of Police ( IGP ) Solomon Arase to keep his promise of an accountable police and put an end to the negative police image due to the actions and conducts of personnel of the squad.

Asides professionalising SARS by splitting it into the Striking and Investigation departments to curb excesses of the operatives, Owoseni said the IGP introduced the set of uniforms so that operatives can be identified.

“The IGP came up with the outfits in which the public can easily identify and recognise SARS operatives when in operation. He wants to give them decent identity by taking them out of the practice of just wearing anything, thereby checking impersonation.

“Henceforth, any police person wearing just a black t-shirt and claim to be a SARS personnel is not. This uniform will also help check the excesses of illegal policemen. We are improving our policing method to be public friendly,” said Owoseni.

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