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After shocking display of immaturity, it appears Sunday Oliseh has contacted Olivia Pope

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After shocking display of immaturity, it appears Sunday Oliseh has contacted Olivia Pope

Sunday Oliseh, the chief coach of Nigeria’s male football team, Super Eagles, showed on Sunday that he is a cry baby with a thin skin when he released a video on You Tube swearing and lambasting his critics for daring to question his ability as a result of his team’s early exit at the 2016 African Nations Championships (CHAN 2016). You can watch the two part video here and here.

Oliseh, looking terribly angry and trying his best (but failing) to mask it, said the action of his critics was ”insane.” According to him, the critics were exhibiting madness because they were elevating the CHAN tournament, which is ”probably the least important tournament.” He said if people are calling for his sack when he has not failed, ”what then should be done to the coaches of Ghana, South Africa and Egypt?”

He singled out some of his ex-colleagues, saying those were the critics who upset him the most. ”The most unfortunate criticisms are the ones coming from some of my ex-colleagues. Funny enough these ex-colleagues are the ones who when we were playing together were sitting on the bench and talking.

”They were not really the main actors who made the Super Eagles what it was then, but they are the ones who we hear the loudest now. And today they are still doing what they were doing then – sitting down and talking,” he said.

He advised those old colleagues to go get a coaching license if they feel they are good enough or better. In a nauseating boast, Oliseh said, he did not beg for the Super Eagles job. ”In fact I rejected it twice,” he claimed, before adding that he only accepted it following the intervention of a friend of his who was in government.

He ended his rant by praying that God ”should just bless our critics with the same wishes they are wishing us.”


It appears that Oliseh has now consulted Olivia Pope, the famous crisis manager in Washington DC, USA. Oh, she’s fiction? Okay. How about the Pope in the family then? Or maybe not.

Anyway, no matter who advised him, Oliseh has now found some sense and apologised to the Nigeria Football Federation for the outburst, according to a report by The football website quoted a source to have said: “He said he is sorry, that he never wanted to attack the NFF or embarrass the federation, but rather he wanted the whole world to know they have not been given money. He also said he has been very frustrated after the heavy attack on him and his team after the CHAN exit.”

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