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Kaduna APC mess: Sani accuses El-Rufai of making threats against his life


Kaduna APC mess: Sani accuses El-Rufai of making threats against his life

The fight between Kaduna governor Nasir El-Rufai and Kaduna Central senator, Shehu Sani, just got messier.

Sani accused the governor of making a hate speech and a threat to his life when he described him and a few others as “ants he will match and crush” during a “circus” town hall meeting in Giwa local government area on 4th June, 2016. The other APC chieftains named by the governor alongside Sani are Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed and Isa Ashiru Kudan.

In a statement released by his Special Adviser (Political and Ideology), Suleiman Ahmed on Monday, the lawmaker said: “We could have easily dismissed or ignore this statement as tantrums of an accidental governor high on weekend Marijuana, but we decided not to take things for granted in view of the vicious history and his allergy to criticism. Also fresh in our mind is the mass killings and burial of members of the Islamic movement in Zaria last December.

“We view his unguarded and provocative utterances as nothing but a hate speech and a direct threat to the life of Senator Sani and others whom the governor perceived as his ‘enemies’. We hold Governor Nasiru El-Rufai personally responsible for any harm done on Senator Sani.”

It continues: “This statement is to publicly alert security agencies and the general public that in the event of any injury or assassination of Senator Shehu Sani, no one should be held responsible but Governor Nasiru El-Rufai.

“El-Rufai is not appeased with his ‘suspension’ of Sen Sani from his pocketed state APC he has now resorted to threats of ‘Crushing and matching’. El-Rufai is an affliction to the people of Kaduna; he is at war with clerics, teachers, workers, traditional rulers, physically challenged, journalists, doctors, politicians and the poor.

“We advise El-Rufai to use the waters of River Kaduna to build Kaduna of his dream and if he must use blood he should use the blood of the abundant crocodiles in Kaduna River and not that of distinguished senator Shehu Sani.”

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