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“Wadata Plaza is not a retirement home”: Gbadamosi dismisses Bode George’s candidacy for PDP chair

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“Wadata Plaza is not a retirement home”: Gbadamosi dismisses Bode George’s candidacy for PDP chair

A former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Lagos, Babatunde Gbadamosi, on Wednesday opposed the candidacy of Lagos PDP chieftain, Bode George, for national chairman of the party.

The main opposition party will elect a new national chairman on August 17 and the position has been zoned to the South of the country with George emerging as an early front-runner from the South West. Gbadamosi however dismissed George’s candidacy, describing him as a weak candidate who has never won anything with Lagos PDP despite being a major player for so long in the state.

“We are completely averse to the idea that a septuagenarian like Bode George will become our chairman,” Gbadamosi told The ScoopNG in a phone interview. “Wadata Plaza (the PDP headquarters) is not a retirement home and should not be treated as such by the likes of George.”

Gbadamosi responded to reports that he had dropped his own ambition to be the party chairman and instead endorsed former Ogun governor, Gbenga Daniel, who is also reportedly vying for the position. He said that while an endorsement of Daniel may happen at some point, “I have not stepped down at this stage.”

He expressed hope that there could be a generational change in the PDP from the old hands to “younger, more progressive, innovative” leaders and away from the direction of the last five years.

Criticising the ruling All Progressives COngress (APC) government, Gbadamosi said Pres. Buhari’s ideas are out of tune with reality.

“When we had a younger president,” Gbadamosi said, “we responded faster to global trends. Now we have an 80-year old president who takes so much time to respond that by the time he does, events have already overshadowed the initial issue.”

He said it is clear to all that “the worst PDP administration is better than this APC government.”

Meanwhile a member of the PDP national board of trustees, Ebenezer Babatope has voiced his support for Bode George to become the party’s next chairman, describing him as a “highly resourceful person, very innovative and will be good for the PDP.”

He told The ScoopNG that although Gbenga Daniel is a “nice boy”, he believes George is the better option for the party at this time.

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