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Fayose shoots and misses again

Former Governor Ayodele Fayose

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Fayose shoots and misses again

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose on Tuesday condemned the sealing of the residence of former Kano governor Rabiu Kwankwaso by armed policemen to prevent a mass wedding programme.

Fayose said the police action should be blamed on President Muhammadu Buhari, describing it as proof of the APC government’s intolerance to both internal and external opposition. He repeated his usual refrain that tyranny and dictatorship is being foisted on Nigerians by Buhari.

As with a lot of Fayose’s interventions in the past, this was another pointless shot from the governor.

First, the sealing of Kwankwaso’s residence is the fallout of the local rivalry between the ex-governor and the incumbent, Abdullahi Ganduje. The two men no longer see eye to eye despite belonging to the same party and use every avenue to show off their comparative strengths.

The Kwankwassiya movement of the former governor planned to organise a mass wedding program on the same day the state government planned to hold an empowerment event. Considering how combustible Kano can be, the police said holding those events could lead to a breakdown of law and order. Police spokesman, Magaji Majiya, said “security intelligence available at our disposal revealed that some disgruntled elements are preparing to use the occasions to cause havoc in the state.” It barred the organisers of the two events from going ahead with them and said a meeting will be held with all the parties to resolve the issues.

The Police Act assigns to the police the duty of preserving law and order and protecting life and property. The police has a duty to preserve public order not just by detecting crime, but by “preventing it.” It was based on that that the house was cordoned off as the Kwankwassiya movement planned to go ahead with the wedding.

Fayose ignored that background to the police action and chose bombast instead.

Last week, Fayose claimed that he was barred from attending the PDP national convention in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, accusing the police of blocking the road leading to his lodge. All the other PDP governors in Port Harcourt attended the convention and moved freely. Fayose provided no evidence that he was stopped and the police denied that accusation.

In concluding his latest intervention, Fayose said APC members need to join him now to condemn the president because “no one will be spared by the time this emerging dictatorship reaches its peak.”

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