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Buhari accuses “those who stole Nigeria dry” of sponsoring Niger Delta militants

Aso Rock

Buhari accuses “those who stole Nigeria dry” of sponsoring Niger Delta militants

President Muhammadu Buhari has attributed the activities of Niger Delta militants in the country to the desire of corrupt politicians to remain relevant in the scheme of things.

Buhari, who was quoted by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, made this declaration while speaking with Nigerian professionals in the United States.

According to him, the politicians who embezzled the country’s funds are sponsoring the militants to cover their tracks. “Those who stole Nigeria dry are not happy. They recruited the militants against us in the Niger Delta, and began to sabotage oil infrastructure.”

The President regretted the shortfall in oil production as a result of the activities of the militants. “We lose millions of barrels per day, at a time when every dollar we can earn, counts. It is a disgrace that a minimum of 27 states, out of 36 that we have in Nigeria, can’t pay salaries.”

According to Buhari, even though previous administrations only succeeded in depleting the nation’s resources and engaging in wasteful and unproductive ventures, he is determined to take advantage of the present recession to turn things around in the country and called on Nigerians in the US to be part of the change.

While lauding the achievements of the nation’s military in wiping out Boko Haram, the President highlighted steps which were taken to enhance their capabilities.

“We raised the morale of our military, changed the leadership, re-equipped and retrained them; the United States of America, Britain, and some other countries helped us, and today, the pride of our military is restored.”

He added, “they earned respect serving in places like Burma, Zaire, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and then, suddenly, that same military could no longer secure 14 out of 774 local governments in the country. Insurgents had seized them, calling them some sort of caliphate, and planting their flags there; till we came, and scattered them.”

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