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Adamawa Gov. Jibrilla is as clueless and unserious as they come

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Adamawa Gov. Jibrilla is as clueless and unserious as they come

Governance is serious business. It is not for clowns or for those who think it should revolve around their pin-size egos. People like Governor Bindow Jibrilla of Adamawa State.

On Wednesday, the governor threatened that he was going to sign into law the white paper of the late Justice Umaru Boboi Judicial Panel of Inquiry which indicted the administration of former governor, Murtala Nyako, between 2007 and 2014.

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is the right thing to do – if a properly constituted judicial panel indicts a former official for breaching his oath while in office, it should be signed into law and the indicted character should have his day in court.

But hear what the governor had to say: “The white paper has been on my table since I assumed duty. I only decided to keep it in my drawers and if forced to do so, I will append my signatures to it.”

Speaking further, he told a political group, Team Bindow, which came to visit him that, “I have no intention to expose anybody, but if pushed to the wall, I swear in the name of Allah and Qur’an, I will sign that white paper against Nyako’s government which, as I am talking to you, is on my table.”

Ponder that for a second: Jibrilla’s decision not to prosecute Nyako isn’t because he has doubts about the recommendations of the judicial panel. No. It’s about whether Nyako pushes him personally to the wall or upset him. It’s not about the alleged offence against the Adamawa people and their resources; it’s about a perceived offence against the governor.

In fact the reason for the governor’s outburst is because the Nyako political group has recently been accusing him of mismanaging the resources of the state. In other words, if Jibrilla was not being personally accused, he would have forgotten about the weighty indictment lying inside his drawer, and if the Nyako group “behaves” itself going forward, he is willing to forget it. What a joke!

“It should be on record that I am not afraid of anybody in this state, only that I am respecting people as ordained by my religion,” the thin-skinned governor said. “It is unfortunate that some people, not minding their status and age in our society, are lying to their followers against us, all in the name of working to come back as governor of our state by all means.”

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