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66m Nigerian kids have no access to premium TV content – Olaegbe’s Genesis Studios to the rescue

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66m Nigerian kids have no access to premium TV content – Olaegbe’s Genesis Studios to the rescue

Crossroot Entertainment Network (CREN), the sister brand of Genesis Studios, has commenced operations of its children television station, Kiddies World.

The primary goal of the channel according to founder, Bosun Olaegbe, is to reach the unconnected population of 34.2 million Nigerian households that don’t have access to cable television content.

According to Olaegbe, “Until now, premium content for kids was available only on cable television which has only 2.81 million Nigerian households according to SES; a satellite services provider.”

Kiddies World targets and tailors content for the over 66 million kids between the ages of 3 to 11 years.

Kiddies World is the first indigenous high quality terrestrial TV content provider for children in Nigeria and its major objectives include educating, informing and supporting parents and schools with contents for the mental, physical and social development of children.

“Every Nigerian child and household with Television will enjoy all the exciting contents and events that were once exclusive to kids that had access to cable television.

“The platform is rich in local and foreign contents that teach children about healthy lifestyles and eating habits, the Nigerian culture, science, animals and many more,” Olaegbe said.

A fan club and social media platforms have been created to also ensure real time interaction of children and parents; to create fun experiences and opportunities to be part of competitions and win prizes in recognition of children that excel in various areas, from academics, to sports and creative work.

Kiddies World is on more than 21 stations nationwide. They include TVC Lagos, LTV Lagos, WAP TV, BCOS Ibadan, OGTV Abeokuta, CRBC Calabar, ESBC TV Enugu, ABS Awka, RIMA TV Sokoto, PRTV Jos, ITV Abuja, Yobe TV and many more.

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