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Stella Oduah threatens to quit as process goes against her in race for Anambra governor


Stella Oduah threatens to quit as process goes against her in race for Anambra governor

Senator Stella Oduah, who is running for governor of Anambra State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has threatened to withdraw from the race if the party does not correct irregularities in the process.

Her grouse against the party stems from the conduct of its ward congress which held on Wednesday to elect three delegates per ward. It’s those delegates who will elect the PDP candidate.

“The exercise violated all known principles of democratic practice. Several complaints have continued to trail the exercise as most party faithful are disgruntled and agitated,” she said at a press briefing in Abuja on Friday.

Oduah also alleged that in addition to hijacking of the process, the ultimate result of the ward congress which was submitted by the Secretary of the panel was switched for a doctored result.

“Based on the above, I wrote to notify the chairman of my protest and intention to withdraw from the 2017 gubernatorial primaries in Anambra if the party fails to address the issues presented. This is because the approach employed for the party primary is not aimed at winning election.

“The implication of this is to subject loyal party faithful to stressful and rancorous primary to weaken and sap the strength of candidate that will emerge from the exercise.

“It should be recalled that this has been the reason our party has been losing gubernatorial elections in Anambra,’’ she said.

The senator claimed that only her and few other members of the party in state remained faithful during the turbulence in the party that led to litigations at the national level.

“There is no doubt that our party has undergone a torturous battle. Along the line, some wavered and many of our members dropped and a lot others left the mainstream party.

“To the glory of God, some faithful members remained loyal and determined to see to the end of the crisis.

“While some states were hard hit, the impact on others was light. In many states, members of the party were abandoned to their fate like orphans,” she added.

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