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“Fayose is a psychiatric dreamer” – 7 excerpts from Kashamu’s letter to Makarfi


“Fayose is a psychiatric dreamer” – 7 excerpts from Kashamu’s letter to Makarfi

In a letter to the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a senator representing Ogun East senatorial district, Buruji Kashamu, blew hot on the factionalism tearing the party apart in the South West, accusing Makarfi of plotting to destabilise the party in the zone.

The background to the letter is that Kashamu took sides with Ali Modu Sheriff in the PDP factional battle against Sen. Ahmed Makarfi. Unfortunately for him, the Makarfi faction won at the Supreme Court, a victory which has strengthened the hands of Kashamu’s opponents in the South West. Upon Makarfi’s victory, he disbanded the PDP exco in Ogun state believed to be loyal to Kashamu.

In his letter, Kashamu claimed that Makarfi nurses an ambition to be Nigeria’s president; that Ekiti Governor Ayo Fayose is a psychiatric political dreamer who cannot administer his state properly; and former Ogun Governor Gbenga Daniel is a scchemer who can do multiple contradictory things concurrently.

Below are some excerpts and takeaways from Kashamu’s letter to the PDP chairman:

  1.  He opposed the plan by the PDP national leadership to hold a national convention in December.
  2. He accused Makarfi of taking sides with one of the factions in the Ogun chapter of the PDP rather than reconciling the various factions. “I wish to also think that you are not deliberately working with your caretaker members to destroy the PDP in the Southwest, particularly Ogun State. Otherwise, one is left to wonder why ordinarily easy and righteous reconciliatory steps are difficult for you to take. Rather, you increasingly complicated the matters for no logical reasons other than extreme self interests and parochial repayments for support of your stand, or lack of same; during your National leadership tussle with Sheriff,” he wrote.
  3. He wondered why Makarfi chose to disband only the excos in Ogun state. “Why didn’t you call the parties in dispute over the South-west zonal and Ogun State excos as you did to those in disputes over Oyo, Osun and Lagos States? Is there no disputes in Ekiti and Ondo states with consequent parallel excos? Why didn’t you dissolve the Ekiti State exco? Is Ekiti PDP exco monolithic without any rancour, the same with Ondo State exco?”
  4. On Makarfi’s supposed ambitions to be president of Nigeria, Kashamu said “you glaringly nurture a presidential ambition as well as Sheriff, which understandably both of you are denying, awaiting the right moments. That’s why I had nothing personal against you for fighting up to the Supreme Court for matters dear to your perception. However, upon your judicial victory, it is absurdly unthinkable for you to be acting as if others have no such rights. Should you by the benevolence of Allah, become the president of the federal republic, is this how you would handle national and intra-zonal disputes?”
  5. According to Kashamu, he would have left the party with his supporters but for the love he had for the party.
  6. On Gbenga Daniel, his archenemy in Ogun state, he had this to say: “What is to be said of the institutional schemer, legendary manipulator and pathological liar – Gbenga Daniel; aspiring to succeed you as the national chairman!!! Gbenga Daniel that thrives on commission from any and whatever political engagements without qualms? Gbenga Daniel that can do multiple contradictory things concurrently? With capacity to make a U-turn at jet speed of 1000miles/hr without a summersault!”
  7. And on the Ekiti governor, he said Fayose is a “psychiatric political dreamer; unable to administer a state well and yet aspiring to be president of Nigeria against the tide of popular zoning arrangements.”

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