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Powerless: Police Service Commission says it can’t do anything to the IGP

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Powerless: Police Service Commission says it can’t do anything to the IGP

No`matter what the Inspector General of Police, IGP, does, the Police Service Commission (PSC) has said it does not have the powers to take action against him as it did not appoint him.

At the root of this powerlessness is the law. Paragraph 30, Part 1 of the third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution, explains the powers of the commission: “The Commission shall have powers to: (a) appoint persons to offices (other than the office of the Inspector General of Police) in the Nigeria Police Force; and (b) dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding any office referred to in sub-paragraph (a)”.

Its powers to discipline officers start from the rank of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police  (DIGs) to the rank of Constable in the  Force, said the Commission’s Spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, in a statement on Sunday.

PSC has not outlived its usefulness: The PSC statement was a pushback following a publication on Saturday in one of the dailies captioned, “Shocking! more rot in Police exposed”. The piece exposed alleged ills in the Nigeria Police Force and expected that the Police Service Commission should have called the IGP to order. It consequently said the PSC has outlived its usefulness. The commission objected to that characterisation: “That the current PSC has outlived its usefulness is a joke taken too far by Tosan (the author of the piece). If what she meant was failure to rein in the IGP, then she should take another look at the Constitution and the enabling Act of the National Assembly setting up the Commission,” the statement said.

The IGP does not implement our decisions: The Commission said it would function more effectively if there is a constitutional provision that allows it protect its decisions. “It is also common knowledge that most times, Commission’s decisions are not implemented by the IGP since constitutionally the Commission can not discipline the IGP,” the statement said. “It is common knowledge that the Constitution which gave the Commission the powers to appoint, promote and discipline also did not extend the powers to discipline an IGP who refuses to implement decisions on these powers. The Commission under the present leadership of Sir Mike Okiro, is not a mere rubber stamp Agency. It carries out its duties diligently and in accordance with set out guidelines.”

Recall that last week, a senator, Isa Misau, accused the police IG Idris of several infractions including sexual misconduct and corruption.

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