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Gov. Ikpeazu wonders why Igbos are mistrusted in Nigeria

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Gov. Ikpeazu wonders why Igbos are mistrusted in Nigeria

Abia Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has said there is no justification for the mistrust against the people of the South East which has led to them being denied the opportunity of occupying strategic positions in the country.

Igbos believe in a united Nigeria more than any other ethnic group: According to Ikpeazu, Igbos believe strongly in the oneness of Nigeria and this is evidenced in their financial investments all over the country.

“I dare say that there is no other ethnic group in this country that has as much faith in Nigeria as a country, one united country than the people of the South East,” the governor said. “That is why they are in Sambisa. You can count how many big businesses belonging to the South Westerners that are in Aba. You can count how many big businesses belonging to the people from the North East, North West, North Central that you can find in Owerri. You cannot find a four storey building belonging to somebody from the North East anywhere in the South East. But if you go to Kano, you don’t count three hotels before you count that of somebody from the South East. What it means is that we are the people that have demonstrated faith in a united Nigeria.”

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I don’t know where Kanu is: Ahead of the scheduled October 17 court date for Nnamdi Kanu, the missing leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Ikpeazu dismissed speculations that he is aware of Kanu’s whereabouts.

Kanu was granted bail by the Federal High Court after meeting his stringent bail conditions while his treason trial was adjourned till October 17. However, the IPOB leader has not been seen or heard from since September 24 when members of the Nigerian military allegedly raided his hometown in Afaraukwu, Abia state.

Don’t rope me in: Ikpeazu, whose efforts and handling of the situation in September helped, in no small measure, to calm the rising tension in Abia state, said it is unfair for him to be asked to produce the IPOB leader when he is unaware of his whereabouts.

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“I don’t think that is a fair question. I don’t have the capacity to determine where Kanu is. I have never visited him. I have never called him on phone and he has never taken me into confidence as to what he does, where he goes. So, those who are close to him would answer. I don’t have capacity to monitor him to know where he is, maybe journalists, through investigative journalism will know,” Ikpeazu said.

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