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Magu’s integrity questioned as whistleblower also accuses him of lying


Magu’s integrity questioned as whistleblower also accuses him of lying

The integrity of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is under attack once again.

This time the accusation is not from lawmakers or other politicians who can easily be dismissed as “corruption fighting back.” The accusation this time is from a man who took advantage of the government’s whistle-blower policy and provided the information that led to the discovery of millions of dollars in an Ikoyi flat.

What is going on?

The EFCC chairman delivered a speech in Austria this week in which he made a claim that the unidentified whistle-blower has been compensated and is now a millionaire as a result of his actions:

“We are currently working on the young man because this is just a man who has not seen N1m of his own before,” Magu said. “So, he is under counseling on how to make good use of the money and the security implication.”

Magu’s claim was first debunked by former chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Chidi Odinkalu, who said instead of being rewarded, the whistle-blower has been detained by three different agencies. “His life could be in danger,” Odinkalu said.

Now the whistle-blower himself has countered Magu’s claim through his counsel, Yakubu Galadima.

“The EFCC does not even know the whereabouts of my client. He is presently living from hand to mouth having been abandoned by the commission,” Galadima told journalists at the premises of the Lagos High Court in Ikeja.

“We have written to the President and even to Magu himself and we have yet to get any form of response.”

The EFCC is yet to respond to the allegations against Magu.


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