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NLC condemns Buhari’s “unfatherly” attitude


NLC condemns Buhari’s “unfatherly” attitude

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s support for the planned sack of 21,780 teachers in Kaduna state as ‘unfatherly.’

According to the deputy President of the NLC, Peters Adeyemi, “as a father, the President is expected to listen to all sides to a story. It will be unfortunate if the President took a position by only listening to the governor of Kaduna State, who we know is a party person.”

Adeyemi accused President Buhari of promising to create jobs yet supporting the dismissal of thousands of workers with no alternative provisions for them.

“I don’t think it is right because this government promised employment and not unemployment; this government said it will create jobs;  they did not tell us they will kill jobs.”

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For Adeyemi, the President should not be found supporting such a venture because he was elected to make life better for all and sundry and not for the benefit of a section of the populace.

“The President should realise that the entire country is his constituency and every organisation, including the labour movement, is part of his constituency. We condemn it if it is true, because it is clearly condemnable for our respected President to approve in a jiffy, an action of a government, which sends 22,000 to 30,000 workers into the labour market, without investigation. Labour is still contesting this matter to say it is wrong. We think it is clearly unfair; labour will seek audience with Mr. President on this matter and present our case to him,” he said.

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