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3 points Adamawa Gov. Bindow made after meeting Buhari will hurt Atiku

Adamawa Gov. Bindow and Pres. Buhari


3 points Adamawa Gov. Bindow made after meeting Buhari will hurt Atiku

Media reports were rife with speculations that Gov. Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa, and some other governors of APC states are expected to defect alongside former vice president Atiku Abubakar, similar to how three PDP governors had decamped alongside Atiku in the buildup to the last general elections.

However, Governor Bindow met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the villa on Tuesday and emphatically cleared any doubts afterwards: He is going nowhere with Atiku. 

Why it matters? 

Atiku has signaled his intent to run for Presidency and sees a homecoming to the PDP ahead of the party’s December conventions as critical to achieving that plan. However, since Atiku has been seen to have deserted the party previously, he is expected to make a grand entrance that will suggest to the party faithfuls that he is a force to be reckoned with. The comments by the governor of his home state who acknowledged a N500m donation to his campaign by the former VP must really hurt. 

  • Blow One: Pledges lifelong commitment to APC: “As far as I am concerned, I am one of the founding fathers of APC. When I was in the Senate, we were the ones, alongside the current Senate President, that worked very hard to ensure that all members of the National Assembly; that we agreed to move to APC, so, I cannot see any reason why, today, that the House I built, that I will leave. So I am in APC for the rest of my life, period,” he said.
  • Blow Two:  Pledges loyalty to Buhari: Not done with just committing to the APC, he flatly endorsed the president as well. The governor said he was fortunate to have been presented with the “very rare opportunity” of being the first governor to endorse Buhari’s 2019 reelection bid. “We will remain loyal to our president,” he said.
  • Blow Three: Downplays Atiku’s Defection, says APC is stronger: “We have 25 members in the state assembly, 23, in fact, 24 now because one of them have moved to the APC. So, 24 out of 25 members in the House of Assembly are APC. The three Senators from the state are APC, even the House of Reps, including Adamu Kamale who recently moved to the APC. So we are strong and we will continue to be strong.”

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