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5 political issues raised by Vector in new Buhari diss track ‘Gunshots’ (Lyrics)

Rapper Vector tha Viper


5 political issues raised by Vector in new Buhari diss track ‘Gunshots’ (Lyrics)

Nigerian Rapper Vector tha Viper has just released a new politically themed song in which he called out the ruling class and especially President Muhammadu Buhari over the way the country is being run.

The last line of the chorus sums up Vector’s thinking with the release of the three minute track. “F*** it imma say it how I feel it,” he said. And he really held nothing back.

We have highlighted five themes which he touched upon with his song based on our interpretation of his lyrics. 

Migration and the Libyan slave tragedy:

“I see many street kids surviving like Alladin 

Only difference is there in no genie or even jasmine”

Vector tries to depict the suffering of Nigerians by referring to the street urchin in the Arabian tale. However he was quick to point out that the sufferings are real and no fairy tale as there is no Jasmine, the princess in the tale who made the wishes of the urchins wish come true. Vector tried to create a link between this harsh reality and the recent sad tales of migrants in Libya including the 26 young Nigerian women found dead on a war ship and buried in Italy. 

The boys tryna travel getting caught up on some slave shit

Here’s to the government, suck off all of them slave dicks

if you made it easy the people wouldn’t have to travel

Now we have to worry about bodies underneath the gravel”

and then he added “But that na even if dem see them bury…

President Buhari’s Aloofness:

“But you balling like a pro, I see you Steph Curry

Vector’s use of “balling” is suggestive of the fact that the President is having the time of his life, which is what the word means in urban hiphop language. Using a basketball metaphor, he name-drops Stephen Curry, the American professional basketball star with the Golden State Warriors, arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history. 

He also suggested that the “G-boys” a slang for internet fraudsters would not be stealing if they had guarantees of a living. 

I know you have the G-boys but what’s the reason why we have it 

you wouldn’t seek food if you had it”

Alluding to Buhari’s perceived lack of empathy, Vector said the President would have seen things differently if he was in touch with the reality of the people he was leading.

you wouldn’t be cool if your life was our life”

Trust Vector – he made reference to one of the most infamous quotes of the buhari presidency in which he summarised the place of his wife, Aisha Buhari. 

check the other room and see if your wife is our wife.. I don’t think so

The Nigerian Police, Harassment and Privacy Rights

Vector addressed the reckless intrusion of privacy that has become characteristic of the Nigerian Police at checkpoints across the country. He specifically called out the targeting of good looking young people who are special targets of the police in the guise of targeting ‘Yahoo Boys.’ 

No be the money wey the man dey chop na him come be the issue

drop your guns and one-on-one see if we no go beat you

but violence is not the way I hope you take your own advice 

because if i see my own as virtue bros your own na vice

My phone is my property, yes I have the owners rights 

to show you who i talk to, my business is another fight

State of Health in Nigeria

Vector took on the issue of medical tourism, which has been documented to cost Nigeria at least one billion dollars. He pretty much said what everyone has been saying: The President’s prolonged medical vacation in London shows a vote of no confidence in the Nigerian Healthcare system and a disconnect from the issues. 

The President flying out, everybody’s flying out 

 but we have hospitals here too

I think you should try em out


The rapper joined Nigerians in calling for the closure of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) following a national campaign of outrage against the various atrocities of the unit. He also suggested that the rich are protected, and thus immune and are not best placed to understand the issue. 

I try to see the bodies of the victims of SARS

the gunshot wounds in this life of ours

cos the rich ones no dey go through this kind of issue

We know that we ain’t a music blog, but here goes the lyrics of the chorus:

Everyday them dey hustle well oh

responsibility dey for head oh

Everybody eye dey red oh 

Gunshots in the air oh

Slavery is the thing in Libya

Everyday they trying to leave here 

don’t you know its hard to live here

F*** it Imma say it how I feel it 

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