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There are 22 states which Buhari hasn’t visited since he became president

Pres. Buhari on arrival in Kano on Tuesday


There are 22 states which Buhari hasn’t visited since he became president

President Muhammadu Buhari was in Kano on Tuesday on his first official visit as president to the North West state which gave him his highest votes in 2015.

Buhari has made up to 40 trips abroad since 2015, but his visit to Kano on Tuesday was only his 14th visit to a Nigerian state since he got elected.

The states visited so far by the president are:

  1. Anambra
  2. Borno
  3. Cross River
  4. Ebonyi
  5. Edo
  6. Kaduna
  7. Kano
  8. Katsina
  9. Kebbi
  10. Ogun
  11. Ondo
  12. Osun
  13. Sokoto
  14. Zamfara

That leaves 22 states which Pres. Buhari has not visited since his inauguration two and half years ago.

His visits to Anambra and Ondo were campaign stops to rally support for his party’s governorship candidates in the governorship polls held in those two states. The president has made more stops to his home state of Katsina than any other state, while his visit to Borno was a whistle-stop on Independence Day 2017 to commemorate the event with soldiers waging war against the insurgents in the North East state.

Interestingly, in the buildup to the 2015 elections, Buhari toured all Nigeria’s 36 states in two months.

It’s expected that as the 2019 elections draw closer, Buhari will step up his local visits to Nigerian states in campaign-like appearances as witnessed on his recent trip to the South East and Tuesday’s stop in Kano.

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