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“This is a clear message to the opposition”: Buhari comes alive in Kano

Buhari at an interactive session with Kano community leaders at the Coronation Hall on Tuesday


“This is a clear message to the opposition”: Buhari comes alive in Kano

A school of thought on social media argued on Wednesday that President Muhammadu Buhari has conserved all his energy since becoming elected in 2015 in order to campaign for 2019. They point to Buhari’s recent visits to states where he has held campaign-style events as evidence of his intense desire for a second term.

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In Kano, Buhari said on Wednesday night that the massive reception that greeted his arrival in Kano for a 2-day working visit “is a message to the opposition’’ that his popularity in the region remains unshaken.

Speaking at state dinner held in his honour, President Buhari said: ‘‘I am overwhelmed with the massive reception I have received and definitely since this is partisan politics, I think it has sent a clear message to the opposition.

‘‘Even going by the details of the election results in 2003, 2007 and 2011, it was very clear that nobody could even dare to rig my scores from the elections in Kano.

‘‘It has been so consistent and I don’t think I have the vocabulary to express my thanks to the people of Kano.

‘‘I am very grateful to God and the people of Kano for the complete trust you have in me,’’ he said.

The President noted that during his drive around the city on Wednesday to commission several projects, he observed that many of those who thronged the road to welcome him were very young people.

He pledged that as a person in a position of authority, his priority is to provide a meaningful future for the teeming youths in the country through education, and the faithful management of the economy and resources.

The President congratulated Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on his development strides in the state and urged other political office holders to emulate and support the state governor.

‘‘He is a great politician and I am afraid I am still learning,’’ the President remarked.

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