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APC says Wike is lying about his date of birth, and they have documents (Photos)


APC says Wike is lying about his date of birth, and they have documents (Photos)

Governor Nyesom Wike celebrated his 50th birthday on December 13th, but according to the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the governor is being dishonest about his date of birth.

The APC argument:

The party said in a statement signed by its chairman, Davies Ikanya, on Thursday that Wike is being fraudulent based on the following pieces of evidence.

  • The governor, his family, friends and associates are celebrating his birthday on December 13th;
  • However, according to the APC, the documents Wike presented to INEC and some educational institutions on oath indicates that “he was actually born on March 13th, 1963 and not December, 13th 1968 as he makes the world to believe”; 
  • Finally, “as if he is not contented with being born on two different days the great Google on the other hand claims that Governor Wike was born on 24th August, 1967. What a feat! An individual claiming three different days as his birthday.” 

“According to the age declaration sworn by his elder brother, Chief Collins Wike and Clergy father and presented to INEC and some educational Institutions, Governor Wike is said to be born on March 13, 1963. This date contradicts the new age of 13th December, 1968 and the Google date of 24th August, 1967,” the APC said.

“It is unfortunate that Rivers State is being governed by such a character and his wife – a High Court Judge is celebrating him on National TV while knowing that 13th December is not his birthday.

“This is the man positioning himself as the leader of PDP, a party that was founded by some great minds like Alex Ekwueme, Solomon Lar,  Abubakar Rimi who are currently weeping profusely in their graves over the current state of the party that they put their lives on line to establish,  how is the mighty fallen. This is a man threatening that if he is not given the office of Vice President that he will scatter the party.

“If Wike can be involved in this type of act of not knowing the date of his birthday or rather presenting forged documents as his birthday certificate why should the world believe or accept funny documents he cooked up in order to indict an innocent man like Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and incumbent Minister of Transportation.

“As much as we as a political party wish Governor Wike God’s stead but we need to wait till 13th March, 2018 or August 24 2018 to formally send to him our official birthday gifts and card,” the APC said.

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