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South West insult: Former Gov. Osoba takes Gov. Wike to history class

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South West insult: Former Gov. Osoba takes Gov. Wike to history class

A former governor of Ogun State has joined the list of persons pushing back against alleged abusive comments to the South West credited to the Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike.

Olusegun Osoba who is also a prominent member of the ruling party APC said the governor’s insult to the Yoruba people was a product of his ignorance.

He made his feelings known in a Sun Newspaper interview in which he ascribed the creation of Niger Delta states to the late sage Obafemi Awolowo.

“That was why I was telling people that Wike’s statement on Yoruba is most unfortunate because Pa Awolowo was the champion of the now Niger Delta states. He named it CORE states, Calabar, Ogoja, Rivers States, all the axis from Ogoja, to Bayelsa, Delta were all in Papa Awolowo’s writings. And he asked Justice Udo Udoma, current Minister Udo Udoma’s father, and others who were his strongmen to work with him on it.”

Osoba attacking the Rivers Governor said, “Wike had not been conceived not to talk of being born to now talk the way he insulted the Yoruba. If Pa Awolowo went as far as creating Midwest out of his own stronghold of Western Region as sincerity for devolution of power, why would someone be casting aspersion?”

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