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Adamawa Gov. Bindow said he has jerked up the state’s IGR by 100% – it’s a lie


Adamawa Gov. Bindow said he has jerked up the state’s IGR by 100% – it’s a lie

While signing the state’s N177.9 billion budget for 2018 into law, Adamawa Gov. Jibrilla Bindow made some claims. Most of them were not controversial.

He said:

  • “This administration will do stomach infrastructure next year.” No controversy there. Stomach infrastructure is now a Nigerian governance ethos.
  • He said this is the first time the state’s budget will be approved before the end of the year. That has been true in the past eight years that we have tracked.
  • He said the government has approved N500 million to be shared by the 25 members of the house of assembly for constituency projects because the lawmakers are “serious.” Oh well.

However, one claim made by the governor is not backed by data:

Gov. Bindow said his administration has so far jerked up the state’s IGR by over 100%. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) tell a different story.

  • In 2014, the year before Bindow was elected, Adamawa’s total IGR was N4.994 billion.
  • In 2015, the year Bindow was elected and sworn in, the total IGR dropped to N4.452 billion. That was a difference of N542 million – or a decline by almost 11%.
  • In 2016, which was Bindow’s first full year in charge, the IGR grew by N1.337 billion from the 2015 figure to N5.789 billion, representing a massive 30% increase but far short of Bindow’s 100% claim.
  • 2017 is not yet over. However, by the middle of the year, Adamawa had generated only N2.368 billion. By the same time last year, the state had already generated N3.793 billion. In other to surpass the IGR f the year before Bindow got elected (2014) by 100%, Adamawa would need to generate over N7.6 billion between July and December this year. It has never generated that much in a whole year, and so the possibility of that happening in six months seems rather unlikely.

So if his first full year in charge did not yield a 100% increase, and the IGR so far in his second full year is even lesser than that of 2016, e are left with no choice than to rate the governor’s 100% IGR rise claim as FALSE.


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