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“Fayose likely to be jailed when he loses immunity”: 3 takeaways from Fayemi’s briefing


“Fayose likely to be jailed when he loses immunity”: 3 takeaways from Fayemi’s briefing

Former Ekiti Gov. Kayode Fayemi, who seems to be gearing himself for another run for governor in 2018, spoke to journalists in Isan Ekiti where he spent the holidays.

Fayemi spoke on several issues, including his ongoing probe by incumbent Governor Ayo Fayose, the regrouping of the opposition PDP at the National Level and how he has advanced the cause of Ekiti state as a cabinet minister in the Buhari administration.

Here are the 3 takeaways directly from the horse’s mouth:

1. Governor Fayose Might Be Jailed

“Let us wait and see who will go to jail between Fayose and I. I have been out of office and I am still moving free, but I am sure he won’t be able to walk free on the streets after losing immunity because of the way he has run the state aground.

“Fayose’s stock in trade is lying against someone to score political gains. They started with the probe of N852 million UBEC fund and when they knew they could not go far, they started concocting lies and said I looted N17 billion.”

2. PDP ran Nigeria to the ground

“What the PDP wanted to come back and do is stealing. The options for Nigerians in 2019 is to either return to the old age of criminalization and brigandage by voting for the PDP, because nothing to convince Nigerians that they have changed with the shenanigans that characterised their national convention and poor performances by their governors.

“Up to now, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his henchmen have not apologized about how they ran the country aground. So, there is nothing to suggest that PDP remains a credible alternative to APC in 2019”

3. How he has used his presence in the cabinet to advance Ekiti’s cause

“This government has begun the construction of a federal secretariat and housing estate in Ekiti and the rail-line was extended to this state in the FG’s proposal due to my intervention.

“About 4,000 Ekiti indigenes are benefitting from N-power and very soon it will go up to 12,000. The proposal for kaolin exploration in Ekiti has just been completed that of the bauxite will begin soon.

“President Buhari’s government is planning to set up a cottage industry in Ekiti for the sake of the solid minerals exploration and I have enlisted small-scale miners around Ijero Ekiti for them to be able to benefit from the N5 billion loan set up by the Bank of Industry.”

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