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Elrufai invokes late Gov. Yakowa to explain rationale for sacking 22000 teachers


Elrufai invokes late Gov. Yakowa to explain rationale for sacking 22000 teachers

In a broadcast, Governor Elrufai tried to explain ojce again the rationale behind his decision to sack 22,000 teachers in the state. 

The governor who remained resolute despite a court order against his decision, noted that his administration was not the first to embark on massive sacking of teachers. He recalled that a former Governor of the state, the late Patrick Yakowa had dismissed 4,000 teachers, even though that time it was because they possessed fake results. 

Elrufai announced that he would be replacing the sacked teachers with 25,000 fresh ones and the application has been concluded. 

See breakdown of Elrufai’s rationale broadcast below:

The History

“The Kaduna State Executive Council, at its August 8, 2012 meeting, after considering the report of the verification committee, gave a five-year window for under-qualified teachers to acquire the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE).

“This five-year grace period has now expired, and that is why this administration weeded out teachers who didn’t have the requisite skills and qualifications to teach.”


Elrufai explained that a report from the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN), which he received on assumption of office motivated some of his actions. According to the governor, “the report showed that 83 per cent of the teachers in Kaduna state scored less than 25 per cent in Maths and literacy exams.”


He explained that the government had before the disengagement of the workers taken some steps including training and retraining efforts to plug the gaps.

“The government responded to this report by getting the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to conduct a survey of teacher competence. We took further steps to address these gaps by training and retraining the teachers.

“11,315 classroom teachers were trained in Literacy and Numeracy through SUBEB, and another 3,733 were trained in reading skills through the Global Partnership for Education. UBEC trained 5,945 teachers in Pedagogy, Lesson Plans and use of Teachers’ Guides.”

The Outcome

He explained that the teachers were administered the competency test for quality assurance after the government’s interventions with rather charitable grading threshold for the assessment. 

“On June 3, 2017,” Elrufai said, “the government conducted a competency test for primary school teachers. This test assessed their literacy and numeracy levels through a primary four test.

The government considered giving teachers a 75 per cent threshold for a primary four test an extremely generous decision.”

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